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  1. Apparently the everyday life of an ordinary people is what the vast majority of viewers want to watch 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  2. Just don't tell me you're able to find the intellectual importance of rlc or vhtv, because I wouldn't stop laughing here 🤣
  3. The sense is the same as in the case of watching the other vhtv flats, rlc, camarads and other porn sites: in principle, there isn't any, it's only for entertainment purpose; one day you'll get it buddy;
  4. I don't understand the infantile reasoning of people who have a problem with porn in vhtv; if shooting videos is part of the tenant's job and an additional method to earn a few bucks, then I'm fine with that, because it's nothing unusual, as some people here would like to illustrate it; all vhtv is about sex anyway, couples showing up, single prostitutes, or porn actors, there is no difference at all; certain people here have no arguments whatsoever when it comes to that dispute; suffice to say, that flat was on the top for many hours yesterday;
  5. Last night's best flat, that's for sure; if you compare it to the rest of the unfortunate rubbish, those people here are way more natural 👍
  6. This flat is back online @StnCld316
  7. That's actually the standard approach to life; on a certain stage every girl looks for stabilization after years of "career" and partying, so I wouldn't expect them to stay in this business too long, however, in this particular case "career" was very short 😁
  8. Good idea, but she can't stay in one place if she wants to do so-called career, I'm afraid; occasional visits would be welcome though 👍
  9. That girl probably suffers from hearing loss, but she's horny as hell, what I couldn't say about the other wannabe pornstars of this crew;
  10. Both are cute, but Stephie looks older, while Lyla's face is like more childish to me 😁
  11. So read again the answer I got from those idiots, "possible rules violation"; What the hell is that, making fun of the customer who pays? I'm not going to argue; over and out;
  12. Dear friend, whatever happened, I can guarantee that it was again so trivial incident, that there is no even point to debate; last night I wanted to watch this apartment because I really like this girl, but vhtv in all their wisdom decided different; for me, they're nothing more than ordinary thieves, and I'm not going to say sorry;
  13. So, at last the thievish and useless vhtv management decided to place the flat on the list again; almost the whole weekend lost; finished idiots;
  14. That's obviously none of my business
  15. In the UK; but I know some people who undergo treatments in East Europe, like the Czech Republic because it is much cheaper in there; I suppose they're in Russia, but vh pays in USD, so it could be easier for her 👍
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