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  1. Premium Member 73 55 posts Report post Posted just now I like this, even the cat has a view!
  2. I like this, even the cat has a view!
  3. This could be an "on reflection I should have ....." moment
  4. Nina looks terrified at the suggestion1
  5. Its almost as if one was keeping a look out for Kira
  6. Oh " Bear With No Name" sounds like an interesting movie!
  7. What about Peter, because he is a Great big bear?
  8. I hope this does note sound too crude, but I'm more interested in the contents than the box they come in.
  9. It looks as if they are near an open space, a park perhaps, as trees can be seen from the living room window.
  10. They look like little cosmonauts in though's carriers.
  11. Yes, and as you would expect from Kira, impeccable taste.
  12. Oh dear, are the girls moving? Looks like an apartment viewing is going on with a young family looking round.
  13. Those birds better watch out, the cats are very concerned about the welfare of the girls, just adds another reason to "get them!"
  14. I think she deserves a bit of attention. Good to see the cat supervising.
  15. This reoccurring topic reminds me of zoo pandas mating, it's just not going to happen!
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