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  1. Cat now using stand, doing an impersonation of a tennis umpire at Kira walks back and forth.
  2. If there an accident the cameras might move anyway!! A flying Nina would certainly re position them! lets hope their careful.
  3. Poor girls appear to be watching a presidential address Kira does not look happy. Same every where I guess. Good luck to us all!
  4. I wondered about that too, there both artistic girls so a trip to a special exhibition would have appealed to both of them.
  5. This image reminds me of men sitting outside fitting rooms in women's clothes shops!
  6. If she is, could be in for a nice surprise when she returns
  7. Knowing how mischievous the cats are I expect they put the balloon there in the first place!
  8. Tonight's scene in the kitchen 19.30 GMT is reminiscent of thank you letter writing after Christmas !
  9. Hairdressing Live! could be the next big TV format, and you saw it here first!
  10. Has Kira "gone"? The apartment is not currently listed.
  11. I think that is a Lush bath bomb. I have seen this companies packaging in their apartment before, and the company has outlets in the city were "we" believe they live.
  12. Yes we do. Here in the UK it started a a war time measure as daylight saving in the Great War. during the Great Patriotic War ( World War II for the non Russians, trying to keep it on topic) we had double summertime i.e. +2 hours. If you think this forum is controversial its nothing compared to this topic!
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