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  1. And back to blurry images, I was thinking about subscribing again after a few months hiatus (currently subbed to VHTV) but now it all seems a bit under handed and weird, I think I'll wait and see what happens.
  2. Looks like the free cams are back and then some. They must have realized getting rid of them was a mistake and now they're making up for it.
  3. I believe they said they are relocating and will be back soon.
  4. She's been with Smith for years. I guess that could be because he lets her rant on and on. The problem from my end is, I have no idea what their fighting about. So there is no way to tell which one is to blame.
  5. You have a beautiful naked woman that you (I would image) love, sitting there yelling at you. Do you lay there staring at your phone or do you try your best to comfort her and calm her down. I think anyone with half a brain, would at least try to fix the problem.
  6. I think if we could understand what Kitty is saying, she might not seem so crazy. Smith seems like the type that yelling is the only way to get thru to him.
  7. did you post any videos or pics? You might be banned. Just a thought.
  8. If it means make up sex afterward, bring it on. lol
  9. something like this I think: https://www.amazon.com/Perifit-Kegel-Exerciser-App-Strengthen/dp/B074FYFWQP
  10. Is Ariana using something in her pussy to play a game on her phone?
  11. Loving the tan lines! Looking fucking amazing Radi. 💗
  12. Just some stuff I use for passwords. First letter of each of your family members or friends then add the address number of somewhere you've lived in the past or a work place then add a special character or 2 like ? Also throw in a capitol letter on someone you'll remember. So it will look some thing like this abcD2222? that's how I do it. Also if you forget a password and you use chrome you can find them all under settings, manage passwords, unless that's changed recently.
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