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  1. How many licks does it take to get to Malia's center? I don't know I'm a biter. lol
  2. This was for anything streaming not just RLC and VHTV. If you saw someone trip and fall on any stream and they were just laying there not moving you would really look the other way and just ignore it? Wow ok, well I want honesty so thank you for your response. And I don't think I've made a fool of myself, if you do so be it. Have a nice day.
  3. I, like most of this forums readers I would think, like to watch live streams. My question is: what would you do if you saw an emergency situation happen live? A suicide or an accident or maybe a home invasion and you feel the person or persons were in a life threatening situation. How would you respond? I ask this because it seems inevitable that it will happen eventually and would like to be prepared, especially now that we are all facing such trying times recently. So what would you do? call your local emergency number, contact the website directly, post it here. I really have no idea what to do, so I ask it here hoping somebody might know or perhaps we can work out an answer together. I would ask politely that responses are kept to a serious nature if possible. Thank you.
  4. I'm just going to say this just in case you don't know. What your suggesting is highly illegal at least here in the US, maybe not where your from. I'll also add I think routers keep a record of who connects to them. I know it's real easy to see the IP addresses of devices connected on the network, so I would stick to watching her while shes in public. Just remember to wear your shades.
  5. Looking back at some of the older videos, I think her body is actually hotter then the last time they were online and I don't mean because she had a boob job. Never a good idea in my opinion, but at least they fit her body well. One of the better enhancements I've seen. She must be working out and firming her figure in a really good way. Just love watching her walk around the house in those tight little shorts. 😛
  6. I think people that are allergic to cat dander like the hairless cats because you can bath them and get rid of the dander.
  7. Smith scrounging for food again? Oh wait you meant the dog, lol.
  8. First band I saw live and an all time favorite. Note: I would have put Highway to hell here but it was from 1979 :)
  9. Famous one hit wonder and I'm pretty sure the first music video that I ever watched when MTV started broadcasting on my cable service.
  10. That's where oral sex comes in handy, suck her clit till she cums and then take as long as you want inside her.😛
  11. me0369

    Rlc recent changes.

    Whatever they did to the streams is broken again, back to unsupported plugins and constant reloading.
  12. Puffin (free version) is still working with my android fire tablet and my phone. It does seem to choke a bit when it tries to load ads sometimes, I just close it and try again, usually fixes it. I also have an old XP pc and google chrome does a reload of the stream every minute or so. Firefox works fine though.
  13. You can use puffin browser on Android devices to watch RLC for now.
  14. My guess would be, someone forgot to give the local authorities their cut.
  15. They will send you an email with your purchase information. It will have your purchase ID number. Copy that and You go to the segpay site here: https://cs.segpay.com/ paste your number and your email in the boxes and it will bring you to a page you can cancel your account from. I haven't cancelled my account yet, but thats how its done in any case. And that's for paypal and credit card, they all go through segpay.
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