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  1. the guest looks like a taller, slightly thinner version of Martina. Is it her sister or relative?
  2. I've got nothing against Alberto, I just don't want to see him naked. I'm watching them fuck in the kitchen and moving the video so I cut him out of the frame so as not to see his muffin top belly. I personally wish Martina would do more solo stuff.
  3. Love seeing you sit up while play, very sexy! Thank you Radi.
  4. At least Radi seems in a good mood and they're getting along. Nothing seems too forced. To be honest I could do without the performances but it's better then nothing going on at all.
  5. World record in the making. Love the looks after each orgasm.
  6. Good evening Radi, you look fantastic as all ways! I hope you are doing ok and the burn is healing.
  7. maybe i didn't word that correctly, i was agreeing with you, just added i think radi is the best on the whole site, not just apartment.
  8. I think that goes for the whole site unfortunately, in my opinion anyway.
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