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  1. Just double-checked the archive, all gone.
  2. First sex with her regular guy was once saved, then it was taken down and nothing has been saved since.
  3. Isn't it part of the agreement to participate?
  4. If they don't want their sex saved in the archive, they should really consider leaving the project.
  5. i don't know if VHTV has received any complaint regarding this behaviour and reflected on their decision to remove that much.
  6. It seems VHTV has taken down the guest sex video from archives, but why?
  7. Request for guest shower at Helena & Eva 29 June 2020 please : 14:22 - 14:33:57 guest shower Thank you!
  8. He could be a porn star, saw him in some professional vids on PH.
  9. Request for Beverley&Hugo's apartment please 10/05/2020 02:25-02:42 guest couple sex 02:54-03:02 guest couple sex 08:28-08:51 guest couple sex in living room 09:05-09:23 guest couple sex in living room Thank you!
  10. Request for Daenerys's apartment please: 30 April: the morning sex in the bedroom 30 April: sex in the bathroom 30 April: three rounds of sex at night Thanks!
  11. Request for Daenerys' apartment guest sex on couch starting around 06:03 on 11/04/2020. Thanks!
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