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  1. i requested a lot of videos but never really got one. not a single one.
  2. what about other guy not ringo nor kevin the one that visited this afternoon wearing brown pant. did he ever did anything sexual?
  3. this is like his third one of this year. hes kind a weird but damnn hes got a lot of girls
  4. lol they are weird. couldnt tell if theyre in a good condition or not.
  5. mostly sleeping, smoking and shower . a little bit of sex like 2 times a month, jerking off, bare breasts , a lot of friends visiting
  6. hes been watching supernatural all day long and they barely talk to each other.
  7. thought they were in the same area and didnt know vacation means sleeping over friends.
  8. so they just live at friends house thats what vecation means lol
  9. people go travel like crazy after pandemic fading away . it happens in my country too .
  10. i don't think she cried because of this. she saw it herself and she laughed. may be she knows thats hes sexual fluidity. ill stop assuming people sexuality or relationship now because everything is unexpectable .lol
  11. Yep they did the same thing last week. They went out for the party. i couldn’t really tell right now whos straight whos gay cuz a few days ago helena’s boyfriend was fooling aroud with a malr friend.
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