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  1. Actually if you've followed this drama closely you'll notice that each time Sasha & Dasha are in bed alone at night things seem to progress a bit further. First it was just kissing, cuddling and fondling above the waist (with pants on). Gradually this increased to rubbing all over, then dry humping and then on to naked dry humping and the two of them masturbating each other. The last two sessions she kept her panties on but did give him BJs. The first night it was a weak one but the last one was a good BJ and he may or may not have cum in her mouth. I'm betting we may soon see a good 69 and finally a full on fuck.
  2. There is no question - Dasha was clearly sucking Sasha's dick. I'm not sure she took his cum in her mouth or not. At first it looked like he came in her mouth but then a minute later it looked like she jacked him off on his stomach. Maybe he came twice?
  3. They've had sex in the bathroom that I'm aware of. Once was 20170730 and the other time was 20170430. Neither of these time were they actually bathing.
  4. It's 02:50 their time and she's still at Anabel & Efim's and he's asleep on the sofa.
  5. Maya is sleeping in the bedroom right now.
  6. I do understand that many people can not afford to subscribe to RLC but to expect a subscriber to risk his subscription and make snide remarks ("let others take the risks I enjoy it why should I take a risk?") and calling them stupid when they won't is not right. RLC is very strict about posting pictures and/or videos, automatic ban and lose of subscription. You were banned three times so you know.
  7. I have no problem with non-subscribers viewing anything that anyone wishes to post. I just don't like non-subscribers begging for photos and/or videos and then complaining when subscribers won't give them.
  8. Maybe you're right and maybe you're wrong. I guess you'll never know.
  9. If you subscribed you could enjoy it too. Why is that those that DON'T subscribe complain when those that do, won't risk their subscription by posting pictures and videos?
  10. The only pictures or videos that have been posted on Capcaps for a very long time are from the FREE rooms and I suspect they are posted by people who do not pay for RLC so they nothing to lose.
  11. Sorry, I won't risk getting banned by posting pictures or videos.