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  1. Wouldn't it be nice if Leora spent most of her time at home either topless or nude. Her breasts are to die for and to see them out in the open air more often would be a joy.
  2. I do wish Linda would spend more time around the house totally naked. She looks beautiful nude! It would make all those hours with the phone worth paying for. All those who agree post here.
  3. Russia was caused by the Russian Mafia moving in. The recent problems are to do with COVID19 and lockdowns. If only the incels on here would be more forthcoming with their money and pay for a subscription we could have more girls. Remember many borders are closed!
  4. Be careful when you pat a Koala the fuckers have fangs
  5. Who would like to see Malia use more pressure when she is stroking Leora? Perhaps run the fingers between the lips and some more clit action using Leora's juices for lubrication. We all know she wants to I wonder if Leora wants to as well? That would be hot as hell.
  6. It would be nice to see Leora grow some pubic hair. She is too mature for the prepubescent look time for a change I think. She looked great with a landing strip but a full bush for a time would look fantastic. But that is up to her and whatever she wants.
  7. Malia is her best friend from ages ago. Maybe they even went to school together. Neither is lesbian or bi but they do trust each other I don't think either would trust anyone else to the point of enjoyment we have here
  8. It's about time Leora taught Malia the correct use of toys. Malia's masturbation is progressing nicely and soon she will climax by herself. New experiences with toys would be good for her. And us of course
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