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  1. i love a woman who takes care of her beauty .
  2. Leora is masturbating in the living room
  3. Thank you Howard and keep them comming ......merry x-mas .
  4. ok , than please , can you explain to me why it couldnt be true ....
  5. Very smart of Leora....she noticed that there were a lot of viewers so she went to the bathroom where there is a premium cam and premium viewers give her a bigger bonus ! SMART LEORA
  6. leora please put a cussion on the floor so i know you read this
  7. first , put the dog out of the room so he wont bark , close the door and put a cussion on her mouth !
  8. Leora earns a raise from REALLIFECAM .....lol
  9. she was playing with her P a few minutes earlier
  10. 3rd round starts now in the guestroom 23:50 leora time .....wow
  11. You can watch the video with sound on ' reallifecamvd ' .