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  1. bean1111

    Ruby & Calvin

    Poor Ruby, watch what happens to this apartment with Calvin gone. People only watch for the drama.
  2. Leora what a beautiful view now you need to remove your top to make it perfect.
  3. bean1111

    Ruby & Calvin

    There is nothing disgusting about my stating a fact. Ruby is a very self centered person using Calvin's love for her to treat him like a slave, doing all the house work while she sits around doing nothing. Sorry, she dose jump in bed with who ever will have her.
  4. bean1111

    Ruby & Calvin

    Ana, don't walk away RUN as fast as you can. If the brother is like his sister all he cares about is himself.
  5. The big question of the day. Who is skinnier Nelly or Dasha.
  6. Nelly won't have to Dasha will cut it off first.
  7. bean1111

    Nina & Kira General Discussion #2

    They would get more viewers if the walked around in their panties and bra or no bra. This would also include Doe. All three are very sexy, however it's hard to tell when they wear pajama bottoms and a t-shirt all the time.
  8. bean1111

    Ruby & Calvin

    Anyone know why ruby is crying?
  9. I wonder if she is auditioning for the apartment by herself.
  10. Three some in bedroom now
  11. You are one of the reason I still belong to VHTV. I will miss you very much please come back soon. Hope you have a great future where it takes you.
  12. bean1111

    Nina & Kira General Discussion #2

    DE is there so I am watching!
  13. looks like Dasha is taking a trip she packing a bag. I hope not I will miss her
  14. Dasha you don't need to check out your ass, that's my job. A job I enjoy many times a day.
  15. bean1111

    Ruby & Calvin

    I am on more than I should be and they are never in the top 6. An hour in the top six isn't very long. Hell Alan and Nina were number one longer than that last week and that apartment is dead.