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  1. Since the night Masha told Dasha to move out May 26, Dasha and Sasha have only been in the apartment less that 36 hours together. Dasha was pretty upset that night and for some reason I think she was mad at Sasha. Which would explain the separation of the two.
  2. I think she has become very sexy since her and Sasha became a couple. She has improved Sasha outfits as well. He use to look like a nerd who didn't own a mirror.
  3. I don't understand why they closed the apartment. Almost all of he replays are of the apartment last night. This should have made RLC happy $$$$
  4. I don't know if I can take another week of this. I watch this to see Sasha and Dasha.
  5. Dasha masturbating in the bathtub isn't the same as her having sex with Sasha. I think they are trying to appease us with their bathroom shows.
  6. Ary and Anni are the two sexiest girls in all of VHTV, makes me wish I hadn't cancelled my Sub!
  7. She hasn't been Celibate, she brought a guy to the apartment and fuck him in the bedroom, after the break up. I think that's when she realized what she gave up.
  8. Dasha doesn't have to renew anything. Dasha and Sasha are moving but not to Russia.
  9. Bottom line Dasha didn't steal Sasha. Masha gave him away. She now claims to love him, where was all that love when you were disrespecting him with TK and others. You always want what you can't have. I really hope Dasha and Sasha are moving into a RLC apartment. They are by far my favorite couple to watch.
  10. Dasha and Sasha packed a couple of suite cases full of cloths today. Masha and Dasha left with the suite cases, The move begins! We know it going to happen Masha said it in her drunken rant, that Sasha and Dasha are leaving her. Probably the sooner the better for everyone's sanity
  11. Masha told Dasha to leave so she could get back together with Sasha.
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