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  1. Dasha is packing for a trip, not sure if solo or Sasha is going too.
  2. Kami is one of my favorites I still remember the green bottle. I will miss her, good luck in your future where ever it takes you.
  3. I am glad to see that Sasha has redeemed his reputation. I didn't think Dasha was going be able to walk after this afternoon's performance. You really rocked her world. Great job I really enjoy watching the two of you.
  4. Recent updates: New cameras added in apartments: Lana and Robert, Eva and Sam, Nina and Kira, Anabel and Efim. I asked many times to have additional cameras added to Masha and Sasha, Dasha’s apartment but have received no response. They need to add another in the bedroom point towards the back wall. They need to add a camera in the living room in the back corner pointing towards to computer. The need to turn camera #2 so that we can see the whole couch and they need to move the kitchen camera #3 to the right so we can see down the hall it is usually block by someone seat at the counter and there is a blind spot at the end of the hall. JMO
  5. Maybe I am just missing them but the last few times Dasha and Sasha have sex I haven't seen Dasha earth quake orgasms. Looks like Sasha needs to step up his game.
  6. Kami, please tell me your not leaving, I will miss you.
  7. My two cents on the discussion. First I hate the word UGLY. I am not Masha biggest fan but I do not consider her to be ugly. Dasha is my favorite person in all of RLC or VHTV. She is not perfect however I do think she is very pretty and sexy. I love how you can tell her feelings by her face. She would never win in a game of poker.. LOL
  8. It looks like a desk or table of some sort not packing and not leaving.
  9. The newest gust girl took a bath today we finally got to see her front. Very sexy girl.
  10. Nora and Leora were online when I started following RLC. There were only four apartments then.
  11. Frist off I don't think Masha is leaving you people have been saying this for awhile now and I don't see anything that would indicate that she is leaving. Her and Dasha are BFF and her and Sasha are even taking some. If she does leave the apartment will survive with Dasha an Sasha. Masha really has been the main entertainment for quite some time. It's been a long time since her and Sasha have had sex. She's only had sex with Dasha once in the last couple of months. She has only had sex in the apartment with two males, Sasha and TK (Dick) since she has been in the whole time she has been online. She has had sex with Dasha and a couple other females including TKG (Jane).
  12. Anyone know why Dasha is really upset she been crying for over and hour and a half now?
  13. I think we are going to see a change in this apartment soon, not sure what but there will be a noticeable change.