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  1. I guess this makes it official: Hello, Thank you for contacting us. The mentioned participants left the project. Thank you. -- Support Team, reallifecam.com 07/18/2019 15:50 - I would greatly appreciate it if you gave me and update on Sasha and Dasha. Have they left the program or are they taking a vacation and will return in a new apartment. Thank you
  2. the ONLY reason I am still a member of RLC was Dasha and Sasha. I have no reason to stay a member if they are gone.
  3. I think they will be back. They both haven't work in years, how they going to support them selves. They have it made with RLC.
  4. Dasha and Sasha are going on vacation to Russia, ant then a new apartment.
  5. I got to give Masha her do. She always come thru when someone need her. You would make a great nurse Masha.
  6. Sasha did it last night while he was drunk
  7. Thanks, it was a typo maybe it is satin lol
  8. Day five of the Satin Top, it must smell something pretty bad by now. she is either fucking with us or she doesn't have any clean cloths. If she need new shirts get ahold of me and I will send her some.
  9. I think Dasha is wearing that top to piss me off. she has worn it four straight days. I am really disappointed in her. I refuse to watch them while she has that top on.
  10. Dasha it's bad enough that you cover your boobs but do you have to do it with that disgusting shirt.
  11. Where ever Dasha and Sasha went yesterday Dasha came home horny. She could hardly wait for Sasha she started with out him. She thru up in the bathroom must of had to much to drink.
  12. one thing S & D don't do anymore is the don't cuddle after sex. They are starting to look like the old days with Demin where when he was done he would go clean himself up, than give Dasha a towel to clean herself up. I miss their cuddling and Sasha showing some respect by cleaning Dasha.
  13. Dasha was walking around topless this morning wish she would do this more often.
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