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  1. I actually thought it was very entertaining and think that Ilka is very sexy. I think her chest is one of the sexiest in the whole VHTV. Sorry about your loss.
  2. right out of the Trump handbook. Attack the person not the topic. I have neve lied on this forum or any other.
  3. I thought I was a premium member
  4. I'm glade to here that you think the President of the United States telling people to poison themselves is not a major news event.
  5. Where is the new girl? please tell me she didn't please, say it isn't so Joe!
  6. This is right out of the TRUMP HANBOOK, deflect, deflect!!! Let's not talk about but blame someone else, or change the subject.
  7. You must be a supporter of Trump and doing as he does by totally misquoting me. I never said "Trump timeline bashing rhetoric"!!
  8. Please don't expand so the rest of us can see your pic's
  9. could you please not expand your pic's Thank you
  10. I really can't see your pics. I can see everyone else just not yours
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