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  1. Max I only state facts. Watch the time line and you will see what I said is true. Tell me anything I said that wasn't true. I never make thing up if I don't know I have people that translate for me. Go back to your "B" apartments and their stage and fake lives and please ignore me.
  2. The drama continues Dasha and Sasha are not talking at all. Dasha has had two bathroom meetings with Masha. What ever it is big. This is worse than when BG was here. What ever it is started last night when the three of them went out for about an hour. They both (D&S) are walking around like somebody kicked their puppy. I have my ideas what its about but they are not facts. What ever it is it's not good. Masha is moving in on Sasha while this is all going on hoping to win back Sasha. Wake up Dasha!
  3. I think Eva in a relationship that she isn't happy in. I believe she would jump at the chance to be with Sasha. JMO
  4. Dasha and Masha left about two house ago. Dasha and Sasha seem to be fighting she left in a piss mood.
  5. have you watched this apartment at all. Based on your past post I think you a jealous of Sasha especially when he's with Dasha.
  6. What I miss is Sasha and Dasha playing their game on the computer late at night, probably stop because of another one of Masha rules.
  7. Dasha is Masha bitch. She is so afraid of her she does what ever she says. She spent almost six hours whit her today and since she has been home she has ignore Sasha. If this is what she wants than she will never be happy. If Masha isn't controlling her than it's a mater of time before Sasha send Eva a ticket I sure she would be on the next flight. With Dasha on the next flight back to Russia. JMO
  8. bean1111

    Nina & Alan Part #2

    Nina is back!!!
  9. bean1111

    US General Domestic Politics

    That's only the second QTR and it starting to show the effect of the tariffs. Lets see what happens in the third QTR.
  10. bean1111

    US General Domestic Politics

    Makes sense to me. What you posted is talking about sales not PROFITS or COST OF GOODS SOLD. They are completely different things. Increase in sales doesn't mean and increase in profits. If your CODS increase more than your sales than your gross profit will decrease. What he is saying is that his margins are down $1 billion, due to your presidents Tariffs.
  11. bean1111

    US General Domestic Politics

    Last month, Ford CEO Jim Hackett said President Trump’s metals tariffs have cost the company $1 billion in profit. According to Fortune, the second biggest American automaker officially announced “massive” layoffs
  12. Sometime I don't understand Dasha. I sure she is in love with Sasha, however when Masha and Sasha have a fight see seems to comfort Masha. I think she does this to keep peace in the apartment and because she is afraid of Masha. However when ever she is crying about Masha, Sasha is always there to comfort her. Three night ago Sasha got a peck on the cheek from Dasha, two nights ago he got a rub on the head, and last night he got nothing. She needs to be careful, Eva would trade places in a second.