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  1. I really have no problem for night vision or colored lights ... Just make it "hot" and fun😉
  2. I'm not totally ...😎 I think we have advanced a good distance today to reach the "finally". This. I still hope to see a day in that master bedroom. Emily, Kira and Alan together and having an equal fun ... without "fears", "insecurities" or restrictions ....🙄
  3. I thought the barrier could be Kira, but after the gesture she made just do not know what to think or justify ... just waiting for what may (or may not) come now.😎
  4. Alan now in Kira with Emily .... Another "finally" on the way?!?😎
  5. It started with Red, this girl and finally Serena (not forgetting Giselle). Did Alan finally "disarm"? Relaxed and decided to get into the VHTV mood? I hope so and I'm rooting for him ..👍 note: the girl is very cute😉
  6. I have no words to express how much I awaited this "return" and how confused I am too ... I hope this represents the (finally) resumption of empathy between these two ... both need and deserve this. Mostly Alan. Again Alan / Serena surprise me. And the project too.😉 The blue onesies met .... hehehe😁
  7. the next birthday ahead is Alan, followed by Nina and again Jules 🎂... so we have good potentials on the horizon ... and this time with a full house🥂 just wait and check😉
  8. Take a closer look at the trailers and teasers, my friend. What awaits us in about 30 days is not a remake of Return of Jedi but an anabolic version of Revenge of the Sith.com the differential that this time the resistance does not move on the run.😉
  9. First ... I watched all 6 previous films in their movie premieres ... so consider the dates of breaks between the two trilogies and the realities of your daily life ... Also noting that Star Wars was my first in a movie theater.So yes, it has a lot to do with my personal history🙄 I also followed the comics and later books that today carry a "legends" seal (in my view a big and fatal mistake, as they were recognized and authorized by Lucas). In my view, as I mentioned earlier, General Organa's "real death" ☠️broke the line for this final phase, perhaps even further exploring the fraternal affinity between the Skaywalker brothers.👍 When the comic line is observed, I give a discount to the fact that we have a divergence of direction (and orientation) in the middle of the project. What has not happened before.🤨 Like I said, my expectations are high to see how JJ will meet the challenge of closing and "answering" all the open questions in the previous 11 films (I'm including Ewoks, Rogue One and inevitably, Han Solo). Can you imagine a bigger challenge? Noting that the title of the movie is The Rise of Skywalker, which in itself leaves much to speculate.
  10. My expectations for this "final" epic are high. Let us remember that Carrier Fisher was already dead in Last Jedis and Han in Awakening of Force. The title of the film already leaves much to mirror in new and "future" horizons. Still unexplored. Ray and Ezra have already proven capabilities in this. Or Ahsoka later. Just wait for what this "mickey" sorcerer apprentice will get out of his magic hat
  11. Red had always been friendly and affectionate to Alan before. And to Nina as well. I am surprised and equally happy that this has evolved to the next level. And it only reinforces what I note here insistently that Alan today is no longer Alan before.😎
  12. Wow ... Nina is really missing her Alan.😋 And I theirs.🤩
  13. I don't take your reason since I'm (also) not a fan of her ... as everyone knows here😐
  14. just my guess ... but maybe with Nina present we can have a trio or even with Kira participating too🙄
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