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  1. Well ... if "queen" is back or not. Or if it's the preview of turning off the lights, the fact (and this I can say) is that the project became her face and style. All of it. I missed this "routine" for your weekends.☺️ At the end of the "parties", the bed was not retracted until a quick (tidy) arrangement was made in the environment. Let's see what lies ahead.😉
  2. What doesn't make sense is that Nina left "yesterday" with her things to "come back" today. This brings me a sad reminder of seeing Joe being woken up by a cell phone call in the middle of the night ... and hours later they were doing the bags. With Nina it was the same.
  3. As I said, the next few hours will be explained ... and Nina's strange bag too! If it's really going to turn off the lights, where will Nina now land?
  4. Look at the timeline from 14:00 onwards in the cam hall. Nina arrives with a respectable bag.🙄It is not meaningless! The next few hours, however, will be explained ... but my guess maybe also is the "queen" is back! And already putting order and organization in place.
  5. 😠🤘😠🤘will not this time....
  6. She is back and she is not alone !!! Will this time ... ???😏
  7. I believe that Ada's effective FxF "virginity" days are numbered.😉 I said the days were numbered ... 4 days! Glad Penny was the "chosen one""😁
  8. seeing the file now I understand what you mean and I agree 100%. I hope she comes back and this time with Penny's agreement we can have an effective and complete 3some. This will not only reinforce the couple but will also boost the project on the website. Mutual trust and self security is still the key here. I wasn't mistaken before about Penny's "dormant" potential (now without glasses), Hehehe!😎
  9. Yes ... so, "to be forgotten"!😖 Thanks to this we do not have in memory the best performance of Lidia & Locky for your stay! I pray that somehow this one day it can be replayed. Preferably with the same invited couple!🙏
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