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  1. But you're right, the cameras in this apartment are from the last century.
  2. At RLC, the bad cameras do not bother so much because there's been nothing to see for months.
  3. maybe they'll consider if it's still worth it.
  4. When I put a flat on favorites, she always stays up. all new ones sort themselves under it. An additional bad-button should put flats all the way down (still under offline). With only one button you can not create three areas with optical separation.
  5. Not really when I like to see three flats, and want to have three at the end, this is not without the upper mixed with all the middle. A clean sorting is only possible with two buttons.
  6. The pets are the only thing worth seeing in these apartments. The bigger problem is that VHTV has a Favorite Butten that allows you to put up flats. But no anti button with which you can put apartments down. Then they would disturb much less.
  7. I hope that it will not be 2120, otherwise we will have to inherit the link from our grandchildren.
  8. In Germany, the pet owners usually give their animals a name.
  9. Manager-controlled actions do not mean that the sex is faked. It just means that not only the performers decide who has sex with whom. This sex does not arise through relationships but through a script. The sex is real, love and jealousy but not. It's still entertainment. i like to see it, others prefer to see flats with less outside influence.
  10. All female residents and many guests in these 3 apartments are controlled by Afrodita & Clark that you can see. Most recently, the new girl was paid at A & J, P & A and Nikki even before the camera. Twice by Aladdin and once by Archi.
  11. I love this double standard here, if a woman is bottled without end with alcohol and then fucked by several men, no one makes a ticket. Anyone can see that she is no longer able to decide whether she wants it or not. Are drugs evil and is rape entertainment? Sorry, JMO
  12. This apartment has lost much of its charm since _Nikki only executes orders. The creativity she had with Archi has completely disappeared, now it's just hard work.
  13. Diese Webseite erinnert mich irgendwie an ein anderes Großprojekt, da war mal so ein Flughafen in Berlin....
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