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  1. Well, poor light and terrible camera positions are the hallmark of Sicilia apartments.
  2. I can understand that. I am assuming that you will not be paid for sex, like most of the participants on the pages that we are viewing here., like most of the participants on the pages that we are viewing here.
  3. That's nonsense. She just has a lot of fun with the guy, she knows exactly what she's doing. She uses the guy, not the other way around.
  4. The only thing that really matters is what Afrodita & Clark are planning with Nikki.
  5. Nikki is not a CamGirl, that is only part of her job. Just like Facetime, VHTV and other appointments outside of cameras.
  6. Nikki has no priorities, she is owned by Afrodita & Clark, she doesn't make her own decisions.
  7. Nikki lived from interacting with Archi. Then she seemed spontaneous and lively. After the separation of the two, Nikki looks like a doll that is used, including the cam shows. Very sad.
  8. I don't care what sexual orientation Poppy has. it would be much more interesting if they finally find a guy who wants to fuck nikki. I can't watch this boring cockpit program for 30 seconds.
  9. All performances were canceled because Afrodita & Clark ran out of fairy tales.😃
  10. There is so much deep love and passion between Nikki and Poppy. Afrodita & Clark have to rename this apartment Romeo & Juliet.☺️👎 In this apartment there has been no sex for months no matter from hetero or homo, only bad sport fucking for sale.
  11. You're absolutely right about that. But since Archi left the apartment nothing exciting happens sexually and emotionally. They could remove the cameras without losing quality.
  12. if you call drama and boredom a performance i have to agree with you. everything I saw from N&K on VHTV could be seen 100 times on RLc.
  13. Reina performed better than all lesbian couples together in their VHTV lives in just one night.
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