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  1. is the competition stil running
  2. sound interesting looking forward to hearing about this next week
  3. just out of interest dose anybody know if this contest is still running
  4. looks like they have having fun sorry if it is bad but this is my first GIF
  5. bphillips94

    Weekly Premium & Standard Subscriptions Giveaway!

    have they stooped doing the competition
  6. bphillips94

    Polly & Ray Part #1

    I am not doing anything wrong I am just putting my opinions across I am in no way trolling and enjoy VH as much as all of you if you fell that way then I am sorry
  7. bphillips94

    Mira & Henry Part #2 of 3

    nice view
  8. bphillips94

    Stella & Stephan, Evi & Alan

    think it is fixed
  9. bphillips94

    Cleo & Axel Part 1

    compared to others
  10. bphillips94

    Polly & Ray Part #1

    makes a nice view for us i suppose
  11. bphillips94

    Candy & Dean Part #1

    looks like he has been to a chidls party with that face paint
  12. bphillips94

    Darcie & Stifler

    particularly in that position
  13. bphillips94

    Mary & George

    he needs kicking out VH should not condone that kind of behaviour