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  1. Betty & Rick

    Whare are Betty ,,, is she in bath with friend or is she sleep in bedroom ???
  2. Mira & Henry Part #2

    Vacker och sexig, jag kan inte se mig själv mätt på denna kvinna
  3. Ary & George Part #2

    Ahhhhhhhhh , i like it, so musch girl
  4. Betty & Rick

    That must be an Canadien rooster ,, svedish rooster say " kukeliku :-)
  5. Betty & Rick

    Someone once wrote that Rick has a back injury, they say he jumped parachuting and landed hard, could be like military sickness, because no one works, Ricky is 55 years old, married Betty, but can not satisfy her, because toyboy
  6. Betty & Rick

    She often eats ice, she's horny all the time, fucks the bath, masturbates in the bath, when they were two couples fucking them all night, I think Betty had 6 or 7 orgasms. She is really sex addict ..
  7. Betty & Rick

    I wonder if Rick can use his computer and record long sessions from a cam camera, he did something at the computer when they entered the bathroom, shut down the lid again when they came out
  8. Betty & Rick

    Hard fucking in the bath :-)
  9. Betty & Rick

    Not now ,,he on balcony and smoke ,, later i think he go to bedroom ,, he was there befor smoke to
  10. Betty & Rick

    Maybe the continuation in the living room ,, the sofa bedded ,, but I think the bathroom first
  11. Betty & Rick

    Plommon ,, from sweden ?
  12. Betty & Rick

    He did it now ,, take down her jeans and lick her ,,, now they take a smoke ,,,,,,,,, and soon ????
  13. Betty & Rick

    Seven hours in the kitchen now
  14. Betty & Rick

    Betty fix a bath ,, bath and fuck :-) He have a wedingring ,, he go left with Betty :-)