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  1. If that's the case, I'd have to let you down... Russian... I can hear very well. The "ONLY" problem, would be the understanding... he he he Sorry
  2. Might be, that's exactly what they're waiting for. Eric Clapton was singing about cocaine, and their song is about protein... 😀
  3. Thank you wingtsun for another "Slim Leora" capture.
  4. F... I didn't think it's that bad. I knew they don't make a fortune, but that bad... On the other hand, hey, that's what they picked...
  5. Yeap, no doubts. There's a golden rule. If it looks like Leora, sounds like Leora, and takes bath like Leora, then it probably is Leora... 😛 Thnx a lot.
  6. Sure, it's clear that we care ABOUT HER. But not beyond the point, that she's back (for an X time), and we're all happy... 😛
  7. Who gives a sh... about where she's at. The MOST important is, that she's back. ALL the rest, I couldn't care less... 😀
  8. Following my previous post, I would say that you've mentioned, another way for RLC, to milk the "cash cow" and us, for another little while. But after some of us confirmed, it's the "Usual suspect", lets enjoy it, for that while...
  9. Guys, the ONLY thing I would recommend, is to hold your horses. In all seriousness, I think It's just a bait, rather than a bate. For suckers ONLY... Did anyone see our Leora? That's the reason why, there's not even a kitchen cam, or anything else open for free. I would bet on a million, that after you pay, you'll discover that it's a bait, for ALL Leora fans. They know that the name Leora would attract many guys. They could simply take another girl, and give her the name Leora, just in order to squeeze the lemon ALL the way. We all know they're MFs.
  10. Now I learned, I'm not the ONLY ONE to think like this... 😀 I'm just wondering, whether she knows even, how to spell the word "COOKING", and no matter in what language... 🤣 Luckily, Paul doesn't look (to me) like a gourmet guy at all... 😉
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