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  1. Those nursing homes are ok until someone leaves the gate open and one or two of them get out.
  2. He is back so i guess i didn't understand the hand waving too well
  3. I think he might have got asked to leave, as there was a discussion in the living room with Krista and Freddy and Janis and him. Next minute he got dressed and left.Janis seemed to be unhappy for a while after.
  4. That Timotheo is one lucky guy.-- Does it seem like I am jealous -- Yea well guess what ??? I sure am .
  5. Somebody should write a song " I love big butts and I cannot lie"
  6. Gretta has definitely lost the little tit trophy
  7. Cleaning up is very tiresome business , I think I better sit down for a while
  8. Looks like Daisy got the short straw-- Its clean up day at the kitchen sink
  9. Christina back into the swing of things pretty quickly -- good to see
  10. Can't wait to see the size of the cock [roaches that is ] living in the kitchen soon, along with rats and other vermin if the food scraps stay there much longer
  11. you think the kitchen was a mess last Wed ,have a look at it now
  12. I think the nude chick was taking photos of Herman snorting some white powder
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