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  1. Hi Unsichtbarer,

    considering you understand Russian, can you help us to understand what is happening between Em & Sid,

    What is the reason of their crisis ?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. nack


      Unsy is german.

  2. Unsichtbarer

    Violet & Jeff Part #1

    Jesus, I've never seen Violet that drunk. Sleep well, gorgeous
  3. Unsichtbarer

    Violet & Jeff Part #1

    Haha, I know exactly what you mean! Do it like me, "process your impressions", when your guy comes over
  4. Unsichtbarer

    Violet & Jeff Part #1

    You can blame me for that. Can't be here much often at the moment. But I'm fine, thanks
  5. Unsichtbarer

    Violet & Jeff Part #1

    Imagine what COULD happen, if she wouldn't be Jeff's sister! They need more company in there! By the way, nice new avatar, @Amy3! Love it!
  6. Unsichtbarer

    Violet & Jeff Part #1

    I was thinking the same thing. Jeff's and Ira's parents must have good genes, and Violet's parents as well. I agree. Pink suits her very well.
  7. Unsichtbarer

    Mira & Henry Part #1

    Alles gut, bloß bissel beschäftigt im Moment. (Everything is fine, just a little busy at the moment)
  8. Unsichtbarer

    Mira & Henry Part #1

    Haha, zwei Dumme, ein Gedanke
  9. Unsichtbarer

    Mira & Henry Part #1

    Now that's a surprise! I've watched them at Anna's a while ago and I was hoping to see them again. Now they gave them their own apt.. Today is a good day! I love her little "gras on the field"
  10. Unsichtbarer

    CasaHot - Part #2

    My girl just arrived from her girls night. I need to process all my impressions, if you know what I mean Gotta go, have fun!
  11. Unsichtbarer

    CasaHot - Part #2

    She knows how to move her body, that's for sure
  12. Unsichtbarer

    CasaHot - Part #2

    I bet they have lowered the quality of the stream to have more bandwidth available. Buffering is gone.
  13. Unsichtbarer

    CasaHot - Part #2

    Haha, I know exactly what you mean
  14. Unsichtbarer

    CasaHot - Part #2

    I wish the quality would be better.