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  1. Ashley knows how to make a great meal. It's amazing that all these young Russian women have such decent cooking skills.
  2. Something serious must have happened between Rose and Arthur. Rose was in the living room to pick up her cell phone and she didn't even look at Artur. Eric moved the cam a week or two ago. Don't know why. That position doesn't make any sense.
  3. There are issues with a lot of cams at the moment. But it doesn't matter, because you don't miss anything.
  4. Well, there's at least progress. They're smoking in the yard, instead of the balcony.
  5. They were all using condoms with her, as far as I know. That one day with Dean, they were running out of condoms, so they stopped fucking and they did oral stuff instead.
  6. They really need to change the seats. Ugh, that's disgusting.
  7. Maybe he's with Terry
  8. I don't like the development of vhtv either. But there are enough apts. available, so I can choose what I want to watch. I hardly watch some of the apts. (Lena's or Anna's for example), but there are others I watch on a regular basis (Jeka's or Mika's for example.). It's much more exciting for me to watch Layne trying to reach someone's gate to heaven, than watching this porn shit at Anna's. So I wouldn't call them the same, there are differences between the apts. I can understand that you are tired somehow. I'm in my early 40's and with the age comes change. I see things in a different way, as they were 10 years ago. I'm way more patient than I was in the past. Maybe this is why I can still enjoy all these voyeur sites. Perhaps I just "sit it out", hoping for a change to the better. I don't know. What I do know is, I'm far away from being burned out and I hope that this won't change for a long time. We shouldn't forget that we don't pay for the right to tell the tenants what they have to do. We pay for the possibility to watch them on their daily routine, more or less. Needless to say that they need to do more than sitting on their butts and staring into space. So there will always be some kind of acting. But as long as they don't act like a complete different person as they would normally be, I'm fine with a little acting. I say this, because cc has become one of the biggest voyeur communities out there. All these sites watching us. They reading our comments. They gathering information and with this information, they can derive a trend. If they see a trend, they can react to it. For example, if most of the people complaining about the lack of sex, they will react to this and add more sex to their sites. That means there will be even more acting. That being said, our comments have the power to influence their development. So we should always keep this in mind. That's an interesting subject by the way. Thanks for bringing this up, Amy.
  9. I bet if they would put the cam on the balcony, they would go to smoke in the yard! I had high hopes in Maria and her new apt., but I can't say I like what I see for now.
  10. She's cute. I like her lovely smile.
  11. Before or after (don't know for sure) Alex fucked the hot girl, that one guy fucked her. Here's the related video (it starts around 16:00): https://voyeur-house.tv/moments/realm6/cam16/a-a-gr8-orgy-june-16 "3some girl" (the one Alex fucked last week) = Terry "Shy girl" (the one who's currently with Dean) = Ashley
  12. You can view all videos ever archived.
  13. Whatever it was, they seem to be good now. Love always wins!
  14. Jesus, I've never seen Pavel that angry. He just hit the wall with his bare fist. https://voyeur-house.tv/realm7/cam11?timestamp=1498083811