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  1. And what relationship does the guest girl have with Zac? friends? the apt turns weird for moments
  2. any interactions of bogdan with some of the other girls? you know ... something
  3. Hi Marga,

    We used to have some nice chats with Harry, and a few others, some good , some not

    Maybe I will catch you in cc sometine  Just learning how cc works 😐

  4. Maybe they won't find new people willing to enter rlc, who knows or maybe there are many more viewers who like these girls and that's why they make them call them again I mean people who don't write here
  5. actually they are new residents, I mean they weren't there when they closed that block so rlc told the truth, they are new,keep circulating and nelly bog they are the best, leyends
  6. the have clothes in the kitchen and the tv etc..
  7. brunette girl was there before? is the girl was a week ago?
  8. respet for pulpo pulo I will not repeat it again, careful 😁
  9. That boy should change his look and another strange thing is that he is alone there with C-Y ... he must look for a girlfriend and we look ... you know look at them 😆
  10. have you noticed? That hair goes against all logic, it's not something anyone is proud of but he continues in that
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