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  1. Can any vhtv enthusiast tell me if all the couples are Russian or is there any other nationality?
  2. who had action last night? the regular guest couple or the young guest couple?
  3. but...what a couple..its too much it is very interesting to see new faces and especially real tenants that offer something different when we see something different stuff... we love
  4. I think , maybe this week they will have visits from some couples ... now in summer it is easier
  5. true, maybe guest on the trip they returned home
  6. just two days at the beach, not vacation I think so real life u know
  7. They have professionalized everything, there are still real good things in some couples apts it is the way but the fault is of the viewers who look only b and rlc gives them what they want to see leora is great but ....
  8. he is like hyperactive Maybe for that reason he dances and trains his body a lot.
  9. i hate what happened the other day .. with babi I hate that Before... gina two years ago she had boyfriends but she did not show real things on camera, she feels special things for that guy and that is why she acts like this
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