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  1. A & M's apt is too small. The Cams in the living room and guest room are in poor positions. The guest room and the bedroom need at least one more cam each. And Masha should have a new apt as well, at least one with a Guest Room. We would see these two apts entertain more if there was some place to stay in them other than the couch. RLC is making enough $$ off these to be able to upgrade.
  2. I am wondering if Megan is setting up Holly for some non fucking play with her bf when he arrives? It certainly appears to get him more aroused and Megan benefits from it.
  3. I don't know. Those rooms all look fairly clean and tidy. Laptops, etc are gone. Though toiletries are still in the bathroom. As long as E is going somewhere to get some help.
  4. Agreed, this is simply a train wreck and very sad to watch, especially the falling down scenes.
  5. My apologies, I did not mean to start a debate. I was simply curious to know if S had bated as yet as I had not seen it and thought I might have missed something. She is a beautiful woman and I look forward to seeing more of her.
  6. Certainly trying to make up for being away!
  7. Post Covid (whenever that is) I hope that RLC establishes several more apartments. I would like to see a return of an apt like Nina/Kira; and Nelly/Bog (by which I mean a mature couple who entertain, etc) a young couple like Carla/Yanai and Lana/Robert; and the two or three girls who lived together in St Petersburg and one was quite a good singer. Currently I watch Alberto/Martina regularily; and the Barcelona apts for laughs and entertain of the antics of the various girls.
  8. Hmmm, any idea what the girls were annointing with? I would hate to suggest an STD but one was wearing gloves at the time.
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