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  1. Thank you. I have missed the conversations saying that Leora is seeing someone in Prague.
  2. I appreciate that where she goes is not my business, it just appears to be an odd time to be away during a pandemic. And how do you know that Paul is 'no more'? I saw him visiting a few months ago.
  3. I persume that Paul could visit the apt if he was there but with Quarantines being reimposed, etc where is it that our fair Leora goes in the early morning hours? A stroll in the park?
  4. Well given how drunk she was, that was an accomplishment!
  5. So Yanai congrats his friend on nailing Guest Girl again. not cool!
  6. I think she was giving him a bj? He was standing and she was sitting.
  7. Part Two of the sex continuing on the Kitchen Terrace, under covers!
  8. This is getting old. Her having sex is always under the covers.
  9. Ok, Ill Guest Girl looks like she has recovered somewhat, the other is still in the bath.
  10. Ok Bathtub Girl is going to turn into a prune she remains in there much longer!
  11. Well nothing gets in the way of Carla getting hers! You go Girl! LOL
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