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Help us testing new version of VHTV

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VHTV Free premium at Voyeur House TV

Dear CamCaps members, we need your help in testing updated version of VHTV

This update will not feature any visual updates. You won't find anything new to you (well, some of you will, but these changes are not that big). The biggest change is the invisible thing. We managed to achieve totally next step in real-time streaming, which we have been developing for quite a while. Now we need your help to test it to see, if there are any errors or problems with it. So far it was tested thoroughly by our team and a small group of testers. Now it's time to invite you to break some shit over there and report problems to our Support.

Basically, we ask you to try using Staging version just like you do it at usual one. Watch some cameras, switch Houses, try Timeline and Archive Moments.
For hardcore users, go and break it. We ask you to do it so we could fix these beforehand releasing this large update to the main website.

Please don't report some of the cameras lists out-of-date, or out-of-date Houses names - we test streaming only here.

In case you run into any problems, please provide these details your support ticket:

  • Your IP
  • Exact time the problem occured
  • URL of the page you were at when it happened
  • Console and Network tabs output from your browser developer pane

We appreciate any feedback from you. Feel free to report errors, contact us on these, and discuss it here.

Let's squash these bugs together!



After the testing is over, we will shut down staging website until we find something new for you to try again. Hope this experiment will show some results and we will catch some of the most dirtiest errors in this update :)

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1 minute ago, jabbath1987 said:

All other places are working for me except Alex and Lina places

I am also having some difficulties with all of Lina & Alex places.

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