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B1 Girls on Vacation - General Topic December #2


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Last night was fabulous and the kids may have learned that when you grab a tigeress by the tail sometimes she will bite you.

Thanks for allowing all the voyeurs to share in the fun, I know I thoroughly enjoyed watching. It was quite sensual and seductive. Amira you are fabulous and very sexy when you let yourself go. Karina is still somewhat on edge, but I was so glad to see that she jumped in and didn't shy away like I thought she would.

See the source imageImage result for beating heart gifsImage result for beating heart gifs


See the source image


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I wonder where Sera is again tonight.  Last night was clubbing so she didn't have to be involved with what happened but she left really early today and not dressed for clubbing.  I hope she isn't going to start using B1 like she started out in B4.  Just a place for a few hours sleep and gone again.  

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  14 hours ago, zzakary said:
  19 hours ago, zzakary said:

Amira, Jenn and Frank and RLC were happy to offer you this 3Some in the restroom without camera, visible by the camera 1 through pretty opaque portholes at the top of the outside wall of the toilet

Miserable RLC's A-holes... :biggrin:


I want to clarify, that the comments are only my point of view, I re-post the RLC Replay links, you have to make your own vision of the situation,,its really more fun..:biggrin:

https://replay.reallifecam.com/view/11_1?ts=1544748355&from=share      Jenn and Franck enter in the restroom without camera

https://replay.reallifecam.com/view/11_2?ts=1544748530&from=share      then Amira the 3Some(appetizer) must be started

https://replay.reallifecam.com/view/11_1?ts=1544748698&from=share      Very funny to see the face of Karina, visibly a little embarrassed by the situation,when she cuts the sound of the tv, we hear some evocative noise

https://replay.reallifecam.com/view/11_2?ts=1544749077&from=share       All 3 exit

https://replay.reallifecam.com/view/11_18?ts=1544752088&from=share     weed break on balcony

https://replay.reallifecam.com/view/11_12?ts=1544757107&from=share      4.11 am Jenn stop the disaster... 



posted 4 hours ago by maxfactor

Ignore this, they were in and out of the bathroom all night.  All three of them.  Mostly Jenn and frank with Amira.  He has no idea what they were doing.  If you asuume his theory, then he got about 15 blow jobs in the powder room...a few of them were self given.  No...something else made the allure of that washroom much more desirable.  The fact that Frank, who was in there the most and for the longest, was completely shit faced even though he was only drinking Pepsi all night, says there was something in there.  This and anxiety led to his lack of performance and interest.

They all did share a toke on the balcony later in the evening as well though.



There is obviously no question of theory of 15 BJ  in my post( avoid talking and thinking in the place of others,begin by yourself,because there are infinited business to do), but a fact very precise, that of 10 minutes spent in the restroom without camera by Jenn, Frank, and Amira(the only moment with these 3 are inside for 10mn & jenn+fr already inside 2 mn before), the rest of the comings and goings are not concerned, on the one hand because Frank goes there alone, or two maximum and many times for very short periods(In view of the state of Frank, we know what they have done during these very short periods, and it is obviously not 15 BJ theory, btw,stop the humor as soon as possible, it does not suit you at all)
I precize Karina is not concerned by this 15 BJ theory laid by his non-retractable brain... :biggrin:


Case closed 

I have no problem with anyone not being of my opinion, it is otherwise people who allow themselves to speak or think in my name to score big bullshit

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