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B4 Girls on Vacation - General Topic 2019 - September #3

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19 minutes ago, omedo said:

Noldus era sarcasmo, lo decía porque están las 24 horas del día juntas, no se que pasara con Holly cuando se vaya Megan, tendrá que empezar a relacionarse con las otras chicas.

Yes she must and must start with Cherry 🙂 .
They had a small sample last night during the picnic, It seemed to work 😁

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5 hours ago, Noldus said:

You can see them on cam 3.16 when it's dark. Cherry stand usually in to the window smoking


4 hours ago, ed2 said:

No, she wasn't off camera, but laying down quite a distance away from the camera, in the sun, because you need sun to suntan. It could be hard to see on the previews though.

Thats explains some things,and to be fair i usualy was watching the small previews thumbs,so it looked an empty garden.

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7 minutes ago, ze81 said:

We lost a good number of good residents in the latest weeks,and somehow Sophie,Megan seem to be in Barca houses for ages iuksss.

Sofie 353 days and Megan 226 days today 🙂 (Sofie passing Nora tomorrow) 

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