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Marcello doesn't work either. RCL must pay pretty good. They buy electronics and new clothes, have the latest phones and eat pretty damn good. I'll bet when they have sex, they say: "Come on, lets go pay the rent". RCL is their job.  I'm sorry RCL but so much of this is just poor acting. It would have to be. Could anybody ever act natural with cameras up their asses 24-7? The same Ol - Same Ol sure gets boring. Too bad they won't put some English speaking people on there. It would hold my interest a lot better. The only things I can follow along with is the screwing, and that is so scripted and predictable. No more money from me. There are 57 tons of free porn out there if sex is all we get.

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Guest Squirrel

Gee, and all this time I thought the scientific term was "aixelsyd."

No wonder it took so long for my wife to get pregnant. I must have screw that one up, too!

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