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The re-positioned free kitchen cam must be helping their views which is good news for those of us who want this couple to stay on-line. Great caps @jjkopite

Some nice breast massaging yesterday.  Pity that this cam is the worst in their realm.


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On 1/9/2020 at 8:07 PM, life+90 said:


I initially thought A&A were the ideal couple for the initial pass, if that's the intention. Mainly because the 4 are linked by DNA.
Alan never actually participated in a 4some along with Nina, just rehearsals. And this was the biggest and would say fatal mistake.
Ada in turn, we have small but promising samples with Tina (which is another that I hope to see soon on sacred ground Rm14).

But after what we saw yesterday I change this opinion: Sina & Jules are ideal for this "initiation".

Sina developed the "aggressiveness" necessary to turn Sam inside out. Literally.
And Jules works the sensitivity and tact necessary to make it "comfortable" and "reliable" for Ilka.
Not to mention that the "safety" factor would be guaranteed between these pairs.

Just like Nina did to them in the beginning. And not to her own.

Reinforcement: If this is the intention sought, together and not apart is the way to go.
And that apparently yesterday one more step up was reached. And successfully.

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