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TBG 150

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I tried 3 different ways to get into this bord this morning. All of them give me this same message. IE. Chrome and FireFox.

Service Unavailable

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.


Apache Server at camcaps.net Port 80

It does this constantly. It just took 4 tries to send a PM and 6 times to send another. I've all but given up trying to post here. It has to be this site, it doesn't happen anywhere else but here.

Anyone else have this complaint? If so, I haven't read about it yet.

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Guest Squirrel

I get this often.

I simply assume that:

a) The Cyber Warfare has begun, or

b) One of the gals has her legs spread wide so bored NSA employees are jumping onto the feed all at once...

It usually clears up immediately on a re-try.

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Guest Squirrel

Once in awhile at my place (or is it -once and a while-) I,m not here for English lesson, but like to know

the correct expression.

Like everything else in English, it's a bit more complicated. They aren't the same word.

"Awhile" is used to modify a verb; it is an adverb, as in "She sucked my penis awhile before I pumped her full of semen."

If it comes after the preposition "for," it is two words: "She gagged for a while before she swallowed," because it's an article+noun combination, and is the object of a preposition.

Simple, huh?  ???

reference: http://english.answers.com/grammar/awhile-or-a-while-definitions-and-correct-usage


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