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who was your first love?


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If you mean just a normal male first love, not a TV personality, then like NL Senior, her name was Nancy. An absolutely stunning little blonde girl of 9 or 10 that I met at church in the choir.

My Mom took us to the movies and sat a few rows back to 'give us space'. I wonder what ever happened to her? Mmmmmmm.

From TV, I'd have to say it was Donna Reed.

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My first love was Diane who lived over the road with her two older sisters. Each of them was beautiful but Diane was the same age as me 10.

She was the first girl I saw naked!!! She grew up to be a finalist in the Miss Great Britain beauty contest.

She was truly beautiful!!

Susan Day was sex on legs as I enjoyed the Partridge Family

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Guest Chatterbox

Mine is a sad tale of unrequited love.....

...her name was K****** (need to protect her true identity) - she was beautiful and a lovely personality as well....for four long years I pined for her through high school, but was too shy to actually ask her out properly....so there I stayed on the fringes, as she went out with one low life after another, always getting hurt whilst I stood around to pick up the pieces each time. We remained close friends during those tortuous years, but no more....I feel the tears welling up still as I remember.

Then whilst I was at university we happened to meet up again one holiday, chatted for long time....but still did not manage to get together....it's like neither of us could pluck up the courage, we just played out our roles and then went our separate ways once more.

That was the last time I ever saw her.

I have searched long and hard for many years, on Social networks, but never found any reference to her at all....I have no idea whether she is still in the country, or even alive. Maybe she has kids, maybe she is still single and waiting.....

Teenage shyness can cause a lifetime of regret...... I often wonder what my life would have been like had we teamed up and maybe, who knows, even got married.....

:'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

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Guest Squirrel

Cheer up, NL.

I found all of mine on facebook and they all weigh 500 pounds now.

And none of them dress like Leora or Maya... (Where's the 'Whew!' emoticon?)

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NLJ. I really feel your pain. As an introvert back then, I missed many opportunities at love. I'm still introverted in a way in person, mainly because I don't like crowds.

And like Squirrel, I did find a few of the long lost girls. The main one was just before I got married. I tried and tried with her. I even was willing to adopt her son. Good kid too. I found her on FB a few years ago. Lost, divorced and living in a trailer in Kentucky. And worst of all, from a stunning near 6 foot tall and around 130 pounds, to a 500 pound girth I couldn't get my arms around.

People wonder why I don't use my name or any identifying info on the Internet. Old beaus and psychobitches its the real reason. The next best thing is a proxy .

Though I do wonder what she would have been like had she stayed with me. No matter. I have the best girl now. 25 years later, I keep the best, tease the rest.

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