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Guest Squirrel

Mark if you personally remember or personally experienced the following events:  

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  1. 1. Mark if you personally remember or personally experienced the following events:

    • The Surrender of the Empire of Japan, 2 Sept 1945
    • The invasion of South Korea, 25 June 1950
    • Accession of Queen Elizabeth II to the throne, 6 Feb 1952
    • First man-made satellite, Sputnik, 4 Oct 1957
    • A-bomb drills in public schools
    • Calendars on the kitchen wall that listed VE Day & VJ Day
    • Kennedy assassination
    • First landing of humans on the Moon, 20 July, 1969
    • Woodstock 15-18 Aug 1969
    • The 1970's. Nothing worth shit happened in the 1970's. Just bad fashions.
    • The introduction of "personal computers". HTML introduced.
    • Reagan tells Gorbachev "...tear down this wall." German citizens overran it starting 6:53 pm, 9 Nov 1989
    • I don't remember these things cuz I'm too old.
    • I don't remember these things cuz I wasn't born yet.
    • I don't remember tese tinks cuz i dun tooo miny drugs in the '60s

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Guest Squirrel

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Any YES answer ALL questions 1 through 15, or YES for 14 or 15; you're in, but you must show us your medical insurance card and permission from your doctor. We'll have a defibrillator handy.

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we called our drills duck and cover.  I did not think much of it at the time tell I was in my 20's and found out how close we where to all being killed.  I was a kid It must have scared the hell out of all the adults at the time.  Sometimes watching the History channel is not a good thing.

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The 1970's should be remembered for the birth of Punk music followed by Glam Rock (Big in the UK). Punk changed the face of music forever. It was the last music genre that came from the streets, was genuine not manufactured (at least in the beginning!).

Watergate happened!

Oregon was the first state to decriminalise Marijuana

The first Apple computer was designed

Elvis died

Disco was born

Margaret Thatcher was the first woman to be elected UK Prime Minister (she is my hero).

OPEC increased oil prices by 50%

Iranian revolution happened

Oh and I had my first fuck!

Most of these events went to change the world for ever. The 1970's were very important 

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Who the hell came up with this stuff? Squirrel? You sure have a way of making a guy feel old, you know that?

Most of this I forgot. Now it's all like it happened yesterday.

The missle crisis was really bad here being only 100 miles from Havanna. Now I'm 20 miles from Havanna. But damn they have some good food.

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Guest Squirrel

Yes, I'm sure I gave short shrift to the 1970's.

It's the old family photos, the lousy hair cuts, the repulsive clothing fashions, the Carter era stupidity, that turns me off. I hit the job market in the 70's; like today's American youth, I faced hopelessness and economic stagnation.

I'm a Yankee by genetics; but I do understand which recent Prime Ministers met the task: Disraeli, Churchill, and Thatcher. Didn't like Blair much originally, though I learned to respect him because he had the guts to stand by an ally and his nation's interests and withstood the resulting heat; that's more than I can say for the current US President. I'd rather see a British Prime Minister debate Parliament than have some puppet bobble-head spew propaganda from a Marxist teleprompter.

Personally, some of us would prefer to be left alone on our continent as free citizens with you Brits running the rest of the global show again...

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My first taste of cooch was at 14. We had a strip party at my parents house whrn they went out for the night. When they came home my poor proper British mother was in shock. She went screaming arouind, 'They have no clothes on, they have no clothes on.'

Later after everything calmed down, my dad came up to me and I feared the worst was yet to come. He bent down and asked, 'Didja getcha some pussy boy?'

My smile told him all he needed to know.

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I agree with most of what you say Squirrel but Blair is Satan. It was great he stood by an ally but he LIED to his own people. He invented the Weapons of Mass Destruction that Saddam was supposed to have and opened up a war that cost hundreds of thousands of lives.

Bush was a prick but Blair was a bare faced lying bastard. He now struts around the world earning millions talking utter crap. He is supposed to be a Middle East peace envoy! What a joke.

Of all the people in the world there is to hate, Blair is the chosen one. I hope he dies the most painful death and that death comes very soon.

Sorry for the rant but Blair betrayed the UK for vanity and money. In addition to this he saddled the UK with the biggest debt in the western world and unleashed mass immigration that has led to millions coming to the UK and changing the British way of life forever.

Blair is a CUNT.

Ahhh I do feel better for that!!

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I can't say that I've ever paid for it. Unless you include the Asian massage girls, but that's just the finishing touches to a really good massage. You drive around in a fuel truck for 12 hours a days and then tell me that you don't need a massage once a month.

I would love a good massage right about now. But dropping a C-note for it isn't in my best interests at this point in time.

I'm no Price Charming, and I am shy to a point

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