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Me thinks.......

TBG 150

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Fellow Old Dudes. Me thinks we've been majorly Horn-swaggled. I was out mowing the yard just a bit ago when all of a sudden it dawned on me.

In a typical CamCaps fashion, I decided to put 2 and 2 together and lo and behold I came up with 5.

Folks, I'm of the pure belief that it's either NL Senior, or our famous Rodent, that has taken on the personna of our dear friend Nick. Now I just need to figure out which of the perps it is.  :-\

The reason I say I still need to figure it out is this. Once in a while, "Nick" will use perfect grammar, spell correctly, punctuate properly and he never seems to be on at the same time either of these 2 are on the board. I also have been of receipt of PM's suggesting that some people aren't who they say they are. Now we get a 'Come Clean' thread.

While triangulating the clues, I've boiled it down to 2 suspects. I'm also in belief that Senior is also Junior while throwing out European terms once in a great while to knock the scent of the dogs off.

Whom-so-ever is playing Mr. Nick is doing it well. I give them credit. The 2 Mods and ADMIN are sitting back laughing their fool asses off at us for playing into it hook, line and sinker. And take the bait we did.

Like I said, if I could only see IP's. Proxys or not, they are always traceable to a good bloodhound. I even went so far as to invite certain people to visit my car boards. There I can gather evidence. I have no restrictions there like I do here. Here I'm a mere mortal with no powers. To date, excuses are all I've gotten from anyone.

Paybacks are a Mutha Fucka. When you least expect it, The Joker will show up on your doorstep.  8)

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Guest Chatterbox

It's elementary, my dear chap....

Squirrel is the one! His language skills are so much better than mine  :D

I also have a hunch that you and Squirrel are one and the same person....no proof, but that's part of the fun of it! Smoke and Mirrors......

You won't ever believe me but I am not Nick.....

Let the games continue....

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Guest Squirrel

OK, let's look at this logically, by examining posting behavior.

Squirrel posts cheap memes (often) and in-line caps of the girls (seldom), but always in-line, and never has used an outside file service.

NL posts tons of captures, but seldom in-line, and mostly using several different (and decent) outside file services. (He keeps getting into trouble and has to run from the authorities.)

Nick has never posted a capture or picture. TBG150 posted a couple pictures of a Caddy once.

Conclusion: could it be that someone is creating a diversion to draw our attention away from the truth of Nick's identity?


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Guest Chatterbox

That's not a conclusion...it's another question.

It wouldn't be hard to be Nick...just don't post anything at all...easy...job done.....

Perhaps Nick is also (or was also) the infamous Shadow.....who never posted anything, as far as i recall.....

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And they are all Pawns, Rodent. You are the King. You just proved it. Really easy to run multiple tabs on multiple OS's. Even a greenie like me can do that. But as it is, I'm stuck using XP home here

I use Chrome for porn for the shit that the sites dump and this new virus where they want you to go to you local convenience store for a money order for $300 or whatever it is. Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha.

Who ever IS playing Nick is either that old, and really was there or did their research. Our beloved Nick couldn't spell Hamburger Hill if you held a gun to his head.


This was an obscure battle for territory not even valuable to the effort. It was simply a matter of gaining Real Estate.

Keep playin boys. My long ears are stirring up the scent and my olfactory senses are in over-drive.

However Rodent, that is my car and there is another person on this board that can verify that it is me. Or.......I could have done my research properly.  8)

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