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U.K.'s Sink Estates

TBG 150

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Carrying forward to what you said in another section of the board here.

Kudos for bettering yourself. Few want to do that anymore. They just rely on the Government of their country to get them by, never bothering to want to get out of the shit-hole. They must like not eating or being clean.

Here we have the 'ghettos', but they seem much different from yours. Our are segregated by ethnicity for the most part. They stay grouped with each other. Then they form their own little gangs of ethnic maggots. The females lay on the couch with their legs propped open for any dick that will enter it. When the little bastard falls out, if it lives, it becomes another mouth for the entitlist to collect money for. If it dies, then it gets tossed into the dumpster or river, whichever is more convenient.

But you see our ghettos all have trash strewn around, graffiti on the walls and broken windows abound. But if you look out into the parking lot, you'll see $500 cars with $10,000 metal-flake paint jobs on them and a $10,000 sound system that blows the windows out of the building 100 yards away. And let us not forget the $15,000 worth of rims and rubber band tires.

No other country in the world would allow this shit on the streets with the general populous. It's clearly not safe and will not hold up to a crash or even a good jolt into a pot-hole in the road. But just let one get detained for not having the proper equipment. All of the shithead Reverends come out of the woodwork screaming racism.

Getting off of the main topic here, I'd better get back...

These ghetto projects also all have 60" flat screen TV's in them with the most up to date in electronics and satellite or cable signal transmissions. They all have the newest cell phones with free service, thousands of $$$$$ worth of gold teeth, $500 tennis shoes and the list goes on and on.

But you see, none of them has a job that may pay well enough to afford these items. I buy them, Squirrel buys them, And any of the rest of us U.S. working slobs pays for it all. Then they have the nerve to try and break into your home and steal what you have. The one thing that Florida law has is a law called the Castle Doctrine Law.

Break into my home or even come over a locked and secured fence or gate and I'll make you mince meat. I'll pump 12 shot of 00 buck into your sorry ass so you won't even be able to be identified without a DNA sample. And nothing will happen to me. The magic words are, I feared for my life and the safety of my family. I'll do the paperwork, the cop will shake my hand and thank me that they will now not have to sit through a trial for the maggot. He's dead and will never hurt anyone again.

The bad part is...100 more crossed the border with blind eyes watching and 100 more popped out onto the floor of the hood rats to take the one dead maggots place. Now the cycle starts all over again.

Forced sterilization upon birth, and big guns are our only way to stop this cycle.

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You took the words right out of my mouth.  The bad part is when I was deployed to Iraq, my fill in at my job said that you can go to the next town and by a SS# and a real birthcertificate for $50.  I know that's what most of the border hoppers do too.  I wish they could build a wall 100' down and 50' high and anyone that climbs over is fair game.  I don't mind immigrants as long as they do it legally and don't try to make my beautiful country look like the shithole they came from. 

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But they leave these shitholes under the guise of wanting to better themselves, yet when they come here, they get everything for free and fall into the trap of not wanting to make things better. So they then remain in a shithole and turn where ever they are into a another shit hole.

If you keep getting everything for free, there is no need to get out of bed and be a productive citizen. If you had to go out and earn your way in life, you would know not to try and steal it, because you worked for it too.

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Here in the Miami area, the Cubans/Haitian/Jamaicans, it doesn't matter where they are from, go out and pay $500 for a Class A Commercial Drivers License. They get in a big truck and tear down everything in the trailers way. Roll over gas tankers, crash into entire families and so on.

This is a lawless fucking country anymore.

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What you describe is quite a way down the cesspit of life compared to our sink estates but I do fear we are heading sown the same road.

Unfortunately the only people with the guns are the bad guys and some of the police who have to be specially trained and are called out once an incident has escalated to shots being fired by the bad guy!!! Armed response teams are always on the scene when it's too late!!!

Compulsory sterilisation is a great idea. When they step out of line they lose their eggs or sperm!!

An IQ test before sex - no education no sex!!!

Thanks to the work of Satan Blair and his wonderful Labour Party the only thing thrown at these sink estates is state hand outs to pay for their life of idleness.

Things are getting worse because of mass immigration. We now have millions of East Europeans wandering the streets of the UK looking for work (except those who turn up simply looking for state hand outs and free health care (how much is that worth!!). Racial tensions are rising.

Things will explode one day even though the British are renowned for their tolerance.

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I am glad I was raised better than that.  God-fearing Midwest up brining is all a person needs.  We have to deal with all the "undocumented workers", lol,  I mean illegal shitbags.  At least we don't have any projects where I am from.  My Guard unit went down and did security in New Orleans after Katrina and we were in the 6th precinct and it was all projects/section8 housing and those bastards would just sit on there ass from sunup when they could come into the city till curfew when they had to leave, on their porch drinking beer.  Their houses were full of stolen shit from the local walmart.  It wasn't just dry goods either.  They didn't have any power but they stole everything from milk to frozen hams. Not just one either we went into a house where we found two H&K 91 (fully automatic .308) with the whole livingroom stuffed with everything from T.Vs to 15 gallons of milk, frozen turkeys (that weren't frozen anymore),  bread, eggs, everything they could steal just because they could. 

They would bitch about not being able to find a job because the Mexicans were taking them all, but all they did was sit on there behinds and drink.  You really see the true nature of people during a disaster.  There was a homeless guy we called Mad Max.  He lived in a pullbehind cart on his bike.  He worked his ass off and when the day was done he bought him a little food, a bottle of wiskey, and a carton of smokes. The rest of the money he earned from cleaning up for people all went to the Red Cross. It is a little pathetic when a homeless man puts forth more effort than a person who is even more capable. 

I better stop before the NSA thinks I am being racist.

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I think every country has their undesirables, for some reason concentrated in certain areas.

Perhaps it makes it easier for the governments to cater for them.

Over here they are moving from these lower socio-economic housing estates to integrating them into average suburban areas, not that it is hard to spot the scum bags.

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Guest Squirrel

Some of the finest, most religiously reverent, hardest-working people I've met are undocumented. Most of them are here because they feared for their lives. Ditto for some people who went through the miserable bureaucratic BS to become a legal citizen.

So if we're gonna start getting rid of useless humans, I suggest we start by deporting the rich assholes in Washington DC that party at our expense while destroying our Constitutional rights. I've got more of a bone to pick with the spoiled "legal" Americans who've been ripping us off, lying to us, and obliterating our individual liberties, than I do with people who are just trying to survive.

Next year is a mid-term election in the United States. I know I appear to act like a rodent on CamCaps, but I suggest US citizens vote wisely in November for a change, and kick the vermin out of D.C. first.

The claims of class warfare, racism, war-on-women, xenophobia, etc., are merely diversionary tactics set up by the ruling class of hostile Trolls that now run the show. We are ruled by children educated by the ghost of the Third ComIntern.

We are Americans, and we are by nature independent and somewhat difficult to control, and we obviously do socialism badly. I hope Western Europe can come to its senses before Putin snags it all.

Maybe we better slide this conversation over to the Old Dude's section. We don't want to scare the young Americans who just found out they've been totally screwed by Obamacare...

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It's those young Americans that put him there in the first place, along with the racially voting idiots. The chances of bringing this country back before it hits bottom is slim to none. It's us old dudes and gals that will be iced first. We will strain the party money system with longevity, Social Security and health issues brought on by tainted, processed food. Monsanto and Con-Agra are poisoning this country one day at a time.

Your rights are going away one at a time, your spied on, listened to, your children are being mind-fucked in the screwll system, by the shit they call music today, video games, cell phones and on and on. But yet due to the stupidity of the average American who believes everything on the Government controlled media, they blissfully go on about their lives thinking The Messiah will watch over them.

If y'all only knew how really wrong you really are. Big Corporations run this country, not the little dick in the CrackHouse with his Cracker sidekick. They are Facepeople, installed there to have a little fun in letting the public think that they voted for some big-eared dumbass.

Oh, and both this one and the last one are big eared dumbasses. You do remeber that idiot Bush don't you? He who had the brain of a flea? His daddy and Cheney told him what to do. He couldn't think his way out of a wet paper bag.  So don't think I'm politically sided. They are ALL out to fuck you just as hard as they can, right up the ass, with no Vaseline and laugh the whole time they're doing it. And when your ass is too mangled to do anymore with, you're tossed to the scrap heap for fresh young meat.

I'm done. I have a job interview so that I can work my ass off and let these communistic bastards to steal more of my money.

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I will say one thing to you in response TBG, It was small business and Corporations that built this country.  We hard working Americans helped them do it.  The industrial complex made this country succeed.  It was/is the Unions who are destroying us.  The political machine cater to them. Also, even though I know your correct, but I take offense to your young Americans comment.  I have more to loose than you do.  I am 27.  I am not a republican or a democrap I am a true conservative.  I have given all of my adult life to my family and country.  I will have no retirement.  They are already cutting military pensions. I have paid into Social Security with my Civilian Job (both of them) and my military paycheck, but I won't see a dime of it.  That tainted food you talk about, It has been in place since I was born.  My only reprive for me and my kids has been what I hunt.  It is in everything.  You sir, are old enough you didn't have to grow up on the junk. 

I forgot to mention that all of us combat vets will probably lose our combat connected disability too if something doesn't change.  It is starting to feel like what my great  grandpa wrote about after he got back from WWI.  Society just didn't care.  He said things were different after WWII, but people so easily forget what are troops go through.  My heart goes out to the Vets from Vietnam.  I know most are still fighting to get their benefits.  I want any of you that are Viet. vets, I know how you were treated when you got home, and when my Uncle told me the stories I seriously cried and enlisted the next day.  Any man that answers the call to country when there number is called shows pride and dedication, even more so to the men that volunteered even though they knew what was going on.  God Bless and lets turn this country back on the track that will make it great once again.

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