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I find that 2 or more tabs open in the same browser that RLC's audio is usually on top of anything else. Say he wants an RLC room open while listening to Pandora, then RCL trumps them all for some reason. Or maybe it's just in my settings IDK.

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As far as I know RLC doesn't set any limits on how many tabs/cams you can have open at one time. 

I have two monitors, so I can watch two cams, but I can have as many cams open in different tabs as I want.  Back when the Dashboard was working, I would watch 6 cams running on each monitor.  Those were the good old days!  Ha Ha.

One thing to consider, though.  To be able to watch that many cams, you need a decent processor in your system and you'll also need a quick, reliable internet connection.  Dial-up need not apply.

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