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There really isn't any proof, and maybe it's not even considered cheating, but Olga had another man in her bed way back.  There's videos out there somewhere of them.  The thing is, there was speculation that she was a prostitute and that Sergey knew about it.

And then there was the whole cheating thing that blew up the relationship between the lesbians.  There wasn't anything visible of Dana and another woman in bed, though.  Dana was on her phone with the other woman when Ana found out.

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I read, I spell, I look at all of the options, for the most part, have 3 boards of my own that use Simple Machines software and every board has a search box somewhere on it.

Hey!! tbg LMAO I can't spell man I have ADD PPP DDT you name it Even spell check can't fuger  out what I want spelling LOL 

you see fuger is wrong I know I can't find it in spell check lol

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