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It would seem that over the last 24 hours virtually every member of RLC has been horizontal. They have either been laying in bed asleep or laying on their sofa looking at their mobile phones or sleeping.

Alma has only managed to move into an upright position to shovel food into herself adding to an arse that is now the since of a whale.

Lora bless her is well on the way to being the size of a whale but at least she has an excuse.

I think Isabel might be unwell so perhaps she has an excuse.

Nora goes to bed late but Christ she can sleep for 14 straight hours and not even get up to visit the toilet.

I try not to forget that RLC is real life (if slightly made unreal by the presence of the camera's) but I never realised so many young people can spend so long sleeping or in a horizontal position doing nothing!!!

At least Maya is a sexy minx who likes being horizontal with her man. Having said that I think she needs to be careful not to end up the same size as her sister. She is already putting on weight around her ,now, tattooed arse and her back has rolls of fat. She is not fat yet but I can see the signs!!!

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