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Hi Helena, I'm glad you recovered and this can also be seen from your photos that I post below.  

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I don't know what is happening: this house was full of joy, people always smiling, sex. Now it's going out like a candle...


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Well we know that Helena fell ill. Also Christopher spent a lot of time in bed. My guess is that it might have been the CCP virus. If so it was bound to leave you groggy afterwards for a while. The thing about Helena is that she always keeps trying. She won't let us down. I just wish the male guest would be a bit more forthcoming however. It will be their Christmas on 7th so that should be interesting.

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Well its good to see that the magic is still there but the poor lighting was the only down side. I do think that Eva is very much a wasted asset currently.

I don't think Helena is fully recovered yet se we should give her some slack perhaps?

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