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Apology to every one at CAMCAPS

Guest TAY

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I just realized that my posts have take away from what this site and forums are about. I really should keep any posts on the subject of discussion and not include my personal life.  I am sorry if I offended anyone with my flirtations. I think everyone here is really honest and very funny. You all make me laugh and that keeps me coming back. BUT, enough is enough from me and my attention grabbing. My mother; who I am very close to, is some one I should take the advise of, she constantly tells me all the time to stop playing with people especially stop teasing boys/men. She said some day it might come back around and bite me in the ass.  I don't want my ass bitten.  All I want to say is,  if I stay here and post then it will be about the topic and leave me TAY out of it. Okay?  Thank you also for being really cool and having fun with me too. Some of you are wondering why I am here. I note that there are not many women posting.  I am not a voyeur by the classic definition, but like all people, I am curious about peoples private lives. If you need to know what category I fit into in relation to this website and RLC, I am an exhibitionist. It is a safe bet that I would be in one of those apartments if I could. Our chemistry here is different because of that. There is a real specific reason that I am here and why I watch RLC occasionally; however, I can't really tell you at this time.  Okay then let's get back to the main topics. Starting with:


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I disagree Tay, you're posts add to what this site is about, the members.

We come here to share our thoughts, experiences and common interests.

Being a valued member means your contributions will never be detrimental to the spirit of this forum.

There are other female members too, and they are always welcomed into conversations, debates etc, if only they would.

Most prefer to sit on the sidelines reading, occasionally contributing, but this place needs all the active members it can get, if everyone sat back and did nothing, this site would cease to exist.

I believe I can speak for others when I say you are welcome to add to any topic, your perspectives are always welcome.

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I have to agree with Panther.

I'm sure most of the other guys would agree too.

Don't worry about going off topic most of us usually do, I can think of one person (that little fury rodent) who usually side rails most topics, but that alright.

If attention is what you seek we'll be glad to help you out, I myself like being teased or flirted with and you don't need to worry about getting bitten in the ass most of us would just nibble anyway.

There is a real specific reason that I am here and why I watch RLC occasionally; however, I can't really tell you at this time.  Okay then let's get back to the main topics. Starting with:

Now you have peeked my Interest I can only imagine. ;)

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Guest ww_watcher

I still have all my teeth. I keep them in the glass next to my bed.

I know, I know, it's a worn out cliche...

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Contrary to your post, please just put it out there. Topic or not, who really cares? We're here for fun and appreciate a females insight on a variety of subjects.

Let TAY be TAY and no one else. Enjoy the boards and have fun.

Uhhh, and Mom, you can join up too and have fun. MILF's are most welcome too.

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TAY you need to hook up with squirrel then you can join RLC as I hear that their is a Apt. becoming vacant soon.  Then we (that means you and Squirrel too) can talk about your private life here.  problem solved

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Guest Squirrel


Old Dude's Board was created specifically for subjects as you just posted. They don't directly relate to an RLC event, but are wild, philosophical spin-offs instead. With this board, we are able to add a deeper level of discussion (and humor) without junking up the Video & Pictures boards.

I don't mind Paul at all, but I don't like to rag on the guys anyway. It's not like I'm lined up in the competition. I think he's a lot smarter than most of our CC members. And at any rate, Leora loves him. That's enough for me.

Hang in there with us, Tay. Anybody who acts toward you in a disreputable way will be terminated by our operatives: Guido, Meerkat, and Agent Dog. They never fail.  8)

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Agreed. Report any and all pervert PM's, which I'm sure you've had many already to 'The Boys' or Admin. We won't tolerate any disrespect to out esteemed female members.

Admin or any of the Mods can fix them with a few clicks of the mouse.

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