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She has been talking about getting this sort of treatment for last year,  this is the type of stuff that you will see her reading on her phone when she goes to bed. 

Leora has not read your book,"Leora, This Is How I Want You To Live Your Life". She most likely would not make any changes, if it existed, and she did read it.  Somehow, this lovely woman, we know as Leora, has survived, in spite of all the various directives, that have been tossed at her, the soon to be eight years of  her employment with RLC.       Eventually, those here in the CamCaps forums, who have yet to figure out, that Leora is an individual. Living her life as she sees f

Whatever the reason for the laughter, and the jovial mood that both of the ladies of the apartment have been in tonight. It is very nice to see them happily interacting with each other. It is a welcome sight to see them finding common ground, that created the pleasant evening for them ! May there be many more such evenings, for their, and our benefit !

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