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4 hours ago, StnCld316 said:

I think they went the route of you must pay to play.

Als men nieuwe betalende leden wil hebben , zullen er toch gratis cams moeten zijn .

Zo kunnen de mensen zien wat , wat ze voor ogen krijgen .

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7 hours ago, HappyChappie said:

Maybe they got fed up of people posting images and videos from those free cams on other websites. Just throwing that out there. 🙂 

Their Videos are all over the internet, Forum Boards, Tube Sites and Adult Websites.  Those DMCA Orders must be costing them a fortune.

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3 hours ago, storm275 said:

How do you know what is available to pay for if all you can as a sample is a blurred thumb nail image ?

I would like to see what i am subscribing too before i pay !

There are other websites of similar nature on the internet that offer a free cam for apartments to see before buying.  I don't see RLC changing their ways anytime soon.

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15 minutes ago, me0369 said:

Looks like the free cams are back and then some. They must have realized getting rid of them was a mistake and now they're making up for it.

There is a catch, when things get frisky, the cameras lock. Happened yesterday while watching Martina and Alberto.

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