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Famous Historical Quotes


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Famous historical quotes

Never forget the words of these famous people..........................

General Custer Where did all them fucking Indians come from?

Mayor of Hiroshima        "What the fuck was that?"

Captain of the Titanic    "Where's all the fucking water coming from?"

Michelangelo    "You want me to paint what on the fucking ceiling?"

Einstein               "Any fucker could understand that."

Sean Penn          "Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck"

John Lennon      "Is that a real fucking gun?"

Donald Campbell             "The fucking throttle is stuck."

Anne Boleyn      "Heads are going to fucking roll."

Richard Nixon   "Who's going to fucking know?"

Niki Lauda           "I thought I could fucking smell petrol."

Mark Thatcher   "What fucking map?"

Picasso "It does fucking look like her."

Christopher Columbus  "Where the fuck are we?"

Michael Jackson           "It's a fucking skin condition"

and more recently "I told you I didn't fucking fuck him!"

Pythagoras         "How the fuck did you work that one out?"

Walt Disney       "Fuck a duck."

Joan of Arc          "I don't suppose it will fucking rain."

George Bush      "Fcuk! I can't spell."

Miss Marples     "I haven't got a fucking clue."

Noah     "Scattered showers, my fucking arse."

Donald Trump   "You're fucking fired!"

Judge Judy          "Shut the fuck up!"

Paris Hilton        "Fuck me."

Ronald Regan to the Pope           "Yes it does fucking hurt."

Harold, Battle of Hastings 1066  "Watch him he'll have some fucker's eye out"

John F Kennedy                "Who needs that fucking bubble top?"

John F Kennedy                "I need this parade like I need a fucking hole in the head."

John F Kennedy Jr.          "What's wrong with this fucking altimeter?"

Bill Clinton         "I should have fucked her."

Bill Clinton         "I didn't fucking inhale!"

Hurricane Katrina            "Mardi Fuckin Gras this motherfuckers."

Leonardo da Vinci           "Call that a fucking smile?"

Sir Walter Raleigh           "That's another good cloak fucked!"

William Tell       "Keep Fucking Still."

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1 hour ago, SexyShan said:

Now I'll know what the precedents and the rest of the celebrities said Hah

Okay! You have reached 10 posts. Time for you to create a new registration and continue your incoherent ramblings.

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