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Leora - Home Activities (2022) #17

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good Morning _ Bonjour

good evening 


good work

02/02/2022        02/February/2022

Good morning Beautiful girls 

Leora and sexy girl


🐨👯 🌟🐈 😉🐎🦝🐿️🦍🗼💀🐊😁 😈🐶 🦨 🔭 ✈️ 🕵️👨‍🍳🌶️🏍️ patou gag-her brokk! nenemoh7 hard on chris gregg nic marco 6742 howard taxio miraguy spying1 Pete1960 max ste

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4 minutes ago, blue is the colour said:

Let us look into the crystal and see if Leora get's the call from ?? and drop every thing the same as last Wednesday and back late Thursday.

Will Zena be back and does she want to move in at some point.

Stay tuned for another episode of your favourite cam programme.


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11 minutes ago, Brokk! said:

However, believe it or not Leora cares about Paul, in her own way but she cares.

If Leora were not happy with Paul she would have left him to his fate by now, instead she is trying in every way to take him to Prague.

True. It's all bizarre as we know, the whole L/P/LB situation, but like i said a while ago, fact is often stranger than fiction. My brother was married for 10 years then got divorced. He and his ex had an amicable split but only speak if needed. What they certainly don't do now, is speak 8 times in one day and tells him what he should eat for dinner.....

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