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Muscles or Flab is no indicator of sexual prowess!!

van the man

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Lucas has muscles, Paul has muscles and Daniel has muscles but each of them can't manage a decent fuck longer than 10 minutes but pot belly Anton can last for hours!

Women should stop judging a book by its cover! It's the weedy ones who have all the sexual power! Muscles simply drain a mans sexual energy!!!

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5) He's good in bed.

I left that one out because of it's complexity. Some want the G-spot, some want the clit, some don't care as long as they feel loved.

I also forgot #6: They like flowers. Buy them flowers. That, and chocolate, is a free ticket out of the dog-house if you've been a bad boy.

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You can sum up flowers or chocolate with "gifts." Women just want guys to spend money on them and spoil them. And I'd argue jewlry trumps flowers and chocolate.

And pink Cadillacs. Don't forget to buy them pink Cadillacs.

Or a pony. They fucking love ponies.

And they love men who dress properly.

I'll bet Karen and Oceane and Sally and Kitten and Tay(!) all love a sharp dressed man...  ;) ;D

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