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B7 - General Topic 2023 #26 (September)

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Maximum respect to this girl , one of the nicest girls we have seen , beautiful , perfect tan lines , amazing sucking cock skills , present to please her partner and be pleased .. what more to ask from a guest appearing on cameras ??


Respect and kudos to Dylan on being the one together with fantastic Sambuka , the fresh repeater Sara , plus the ones trying with much effort to be active and reward the subscribers despite being the ones needing to work , that is Lubna , Gabrielle and Louis .. the rest need to look themselves in the mirror ( Megan is fine though as she has a normal life with a guy that visits her occasionally and she acts perfectly normal , Ashley also offers personal moments but she sacrifices her real life needs to exchange them with dildo pleasure releases 😁  ) and wonder what they are doing in this cameras world , what their expectations are ( apart from making money ) and really think how they are spoiling time by being somewhere and doing something that they REALLY DON’T want .. ( Harley and Fiora , Karol and Kos aren’t counting as Barcelona project for myself ) .. 

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Il y a 3 heures, wooders78 a dit :

c'est gentil de la part des filles de laisser les mecs seuls pour leur soirée romantique devant la télé, les amateurs de bites auront hâte de se coucher

04 h 44, le week end payé par Dylan, prend fin, la fille s'en va avec son sac , 

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