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RLC Lesbians have less sex than heterosexuals?


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Two lovely girls who love each other and are willing to share that love with additional partners yet they make love maybe twice in over a month. Do lesbians have less sex than heterosexuals?????

Lesbians are people to...and like all other people, their sex lives are their own.

The previous RLC lesbians were the polar opposite of this couple...they had sex almost every night.  But it's no different with hetero couples.  Take Artur and Elena, for example.  He had sex quite often...she never had sex.  She only played the part as his sperm bucket.  Or their friends, Mighty Mouse and her boyfriend.  He had sex with her often, but the only way she could cum was by using the shower spray in the bathtub.

Every one of the couples that RLC has had have had different sex lives.  Alina was so frustrated because she wasn't getting any...Anton, of course, would rather play computer games.  But somehow they worked things out to the benefit of both...and they seem to be happy together.

Nina and Kira are probably happy with their sex life, as well.

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