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permanent menbership


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This application works with the server database. some flaws in the security sitema.

he and functionality and can stop working at qualqur time if the adiministradore the reallifecam discover it.

please keep secret.

how to use

Disconnect from the Internet;

type your data;

volt to connect to internet and Cick to send;

You should receive a success message, is a probable error,

do not worry can be critical communication error;

wait 10 minutes and log in to the site, if your menbership is not renewed

agurade 15 minutes and try again;

after this in the right waiting for 24 hours or more and try again and it essential for fraud is not identified;

You should select if you are premium or standard member;

and having time remaining membership

I received some messages saying they have not earned a member on the site.

this program renews just purchased qum member and has at least 15 days, or 5 other member ...

me work out 5 days

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if the adiministradore the reallifecam discover it.

Porfavor keep secret.

it's true that the best way to keep this secret is to put this on CC. You will not stay very long on CC and RLC.

Yes that's true but I was not the only creator discovered and worked in 5 attempts but after two months the account has been blocked

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This appears to be  a virus. The user has been banned. If you have downloaded and run the program I would suggest running a virus scan on your computer.


Those newbies just never give up.  There is no program out on the internet that can give you free access to RLC. 

They must think we were born yesterday.

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