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Tver - Split 1


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The GF of akira looks very nice, has a very friendly appearance and a wonderful laugh. In addition, she realy seams to have no fear of the camera  and thats fits very to the project and especially to this apartment. I think that the two are a real couple. Because I can not imagine that their relationship is only played. Especially considering his behavior to tanya at the period when they had sex.

It looks as she is now a real resident. And that, I would realy like. So, let see if VV will have an update of the room names, too. It is time now. ;)

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Here is a clip of Akira and the red head having sex from last night.  The sound is messed up again - sorry about that.



Make sure the audio input device is set to Stereo Mix.  if you don't see it in your options  then you'll have to enable it by right clicking  on the volume control in your taskbar and choose recording devices.

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