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Masha & Sasha New apartment


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c'est en russie je crois avoir déja vu la fille chez dasha

Le fuseau horaire ne correspond pas à la Russie.

Oui c'est le prof de Yoga et sa sa copine aux cheveux violets.  Par contre chez Dasha , la fille se cachait beaucoup des caméras quand elle se changeait. On verra bien

The timezone doesnt match with Russia

Yes it's the Yoga professor with her girlfriend with violet hair. But At Dasha's , the girl hid a lot when she used to change her clothes. Let's see how she acts in this new appart

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Very good. Finally a new attractive couple. The last two new couples (one is already gone) were not really far in this point.

If the two are now also sympathetic and the restart of the girl's apartment  is successfully, RLC could be interressing again.

Lately I've only really watched here for three couples (N&B, S&H and C&M). Mayby also blue hair, because she realy has a nice body. ;) But, this only brifly, since I mostly watched VV during the last days. So I simply missed everyting on RLC. And then it gets really boring.  :-X Maybe RLC, did the first step for a  recovery with this couple. Otherwise, I will start a small break at the end of the month.

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