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Early Christmas present for Foamy

Guest TxFeller

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The kid's name was Vincent Fazetta, but everyone, including his parents called him Toto.

He lived just down the street from me, and I remember his father would on occasion chase him around and around this tree out in front of their house with a razor strap. 

Anyway, his father was a carpenter and had all this expensive equipment such as band saws and such in his garage, along with about six inches of saw dust on the floor.

Well, in retaliation one day, Toto burn down his garage.    And I heard years later through an aunt who still lived on the east side of Detroit, that they had to put poor Toto in a special facility, as no one it seemed could control him. 

I do remember Toto being a bit of a fire bug back then.  So I guess there was a little bit of Nero in poor Toto. 

One things for sure, you wouldn't want him for your emperor. 

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Shucks guys... I'm so touched. No. Not that way.  :screwy:

But it's just what I always wanted                                                    again!!!

Woody, I knew that I knew you from somewhere. It's me! Toto!  :hi:

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