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Is Danaya the hottest we've seen?

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Who would be your hottest? I've been an on and off member for about a year so I haven't seen everyone. Before Danaya I thought either Anna or Suzanne were the hottest. But Danaya just ticks all the boxes for me haha.  :yeahbaby:

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As for me, I don't think you can get any better super hot girls than:  Alma, Kami, Irma, Kristy, and even crazy Isabel ! Currently, the top

pick is Danaya - but she refuses to show her pussy to the viewers !

She showed it last night. You could see she took the courage to throw away the towel and lay down on the bed naked. So she's downstairs shy, but won't be too long before she comfortable in here, and will be more naked.

She's a really good looking girl. Only bad thing I can say is that her ass in some angels are a little flat. But about 1 billion times better that Laylas no ass.

I haven't seen to much of her personallity come through yet, but she seems fun, so in my opinions she's definitivly one of the better ones. Only counting looks, Ilona might be better, but I'd believe in the long run we're going to remember Danaya better.

Personally I'd hold Irma on top, she had a great personallity that came through. Can't say anything about those who where on RLC before Milana/Coco and Kamila/Kristy, because I haven't seen anything but pictures (But I'd believe Rita could have been a real favorite by her looks for my part). I would rate Leora high too, but don't watch her anymore, it's just the same over and over again, and I can't stand Paul.

After Irma, I would pick Kristy over Kamila because of her personallity. And I would also put Curly (Carina?) really high, because she has a type of look I really like

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If it's a human and it's got breasts and a vagina-it's hot.!!! lol

To take it a little far, some don't care about any of those 3 things, some say as long as it ha a heartbeat, and other's don't care about that.

Personally I'd ad personallity to your list.

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