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It is amazing to me that you people really have nothing to say about this apartment going under maintenance just because Kamila's mom and ? showed up.   What makes this apartment or these two girls any more special,  that it would cause you people to just sit there and not say anything or send an email to RLC about it?   Carina's mom has visited several times and she is at least as old as Kami's mom and her boyfriend/whatever he is, but did the apartment go under maintenance when Carina's mom showed up.........no it didn't.  So, I just want to know why you people sit back and let this kind of shit happen!!  The whole preface of this site is "REAL LIFE".....or am I missing something here?   Don't you people that say you are voyeurs want to watch Kamila's mom to see if the apple did or didn't fall far from the tree?  Don't you want to see how Kamila's mom interacts with Kristy and how she interacts with her boyfriend/step husband?  These are just simple questions of everyday life that you will never get to see, which in turn could explain why or why not Kamila is how she is.  How was Kristy actually perceived by the mom and whoever the guy is?   Did CB show up to meet the mother or didn't he?  There are so many questions that you will always have because you just set back and took it like you normally do!!  I'm telling you now that if you are going to come down on me and act like children, I will just read your post and move on!!   My point is that this is one of the biggest reasons I quit subscribing to RLC......there is no real life about this website when they keep taking apartments down for "REAL LIFE" situations.  You can agree or agree to disagree, but I just want you all to sit back and think about what I have said to see if it makes any sense to you.  If it doesn't make any sense what so ever, then I feel like I'm way off base with you people and what RLC is supposed to be about!


Anyway, I'm done.....have a good night!

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1 hour ago, HarleyFatboy said:

   My point is that this is one of the biggest reasons I quit subscribing to RLC......there is no real life about this website when they keep taking apartments down for "REAL LIFE" situations.  

Ah ok.

Now it is clear.

And all along I thought it was because [ you posted it some time ago ] you were unfairly banned banned by RLC for not abiding by the quite clear terms and conditions of the site that you agreed to abide by when you joined.

I should have realised that only really stupid people get banned by RLC and carry a grudge forever so now that you have explained that you voluntarily stopped being a member of RLC I guess I can't regard you as totally stupid anymore.

As for Kami's parents, maybe just maybe they aren't comfortable with being on cam [ can't get much more real life than not wanting to be broadcast all over the world to a bunch of perverts ] so I understand that and do not care in the slightest if I don't see the girls for a day or a week or whatever.

There are all the other apartments to watch and as so many mathematically gifted members have pointed out in the past the actual dollars "lost" only really amounts to a few cents for a short time.

Due to currency conversions between USD and my currency I pay quite a bit more than $45.00 a month [cheaper because I buy in 3 month blocks but at the end of the day even $45.00 only buys me two packets of cigarettes so it is totally a pittance to fork out for what I regard as fun and entertainment. 

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3 hours ago, HarleyFatboy said:

Es increíble para mí que lo que la gente realmente no tienen nada que decir sobre este apartamento va en mantenimiento sólo porque la madre de Camila y? apareció. Lo que hace este apartamento o estas dos chicas más especial, que le haría a la gente a sentarse allí y no decir nada o envíe un correo electrónico a RLC respecto? La mamá de Carina ha visitado varias veces y ella es al menos tan antigua como la madre de Kami y su novio / lo que sea, pero el apartamento pasar por debajo de mantenimiento cuando la madre de Carina apareció ......... no, no lo hizo . Por lo tanto, sólo quiero saber por qué la gente sentarse y dejar que este tipo de mierda sucede !! Todo el prefacio de este sitio es la "vida real" ..... o me estoy perdiendo algo aquí? ¿No te las personas que dicen que son voyeurs quieren ver la mamá de Camila para ver si la manzana hizo o no cae lejos del árbol? ¿No quieres ver cómo la madre de Kamila interactúa con Kristy y cómo interactúa con su novio / marido paso? Estas son preguntas simples de la vida cotidiana que nunca se llega a ver, que a su vez podría explicar por qué o por qué no Kamila es cómo es. ¿Cómo se Kristy realidad percibida por la madre y el que el tipo es? CB hizo aparecer a conocer a la madre o ¿no? Hay tantas preguntas que siempre tendrá que acaba de establecer debido a la espalda y lo tomó como normalmente lo hace !! Te lo digo ahora que si se va a venir abajo en mí y actuar como niños, acabo de leer tu mensaje y seguir adelante !! Mi punto es que esta es una de las mayores razones por las que abandoné la suscripción de RLC ...... no hay vida real acerca de este sitio web cuando continúan tomando apartamentos abajo para situaciones de "vida real". Usted puede estar de acuerdo o de acuerdo o no, pero sólo quiero a todos a sentarse y pensar acerca de lo que he dicho para ver si tiene sentido para usted. Si no tiene ningún sentido lo que nunca, entonces me siento como si estuviera fuera de lugar con ustedes y qué RLC se supone que es sobre!


De todos modos, he terminado ..... tener una buena noche!


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7 hours ago, mr1010 said:

A well deserved break for our weary hearts. A couple of weeks of non-stop drama here.

Then, it is back to "As the world turns".


I like you sense of humour....there is more drama in my big toe than there has been  in this apartment.

I find lately that I only other to look at leora and paul and they haven't been exactly brimming with excitement these days.

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