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  1. He has. He has been saying it for two years. Still not sure quite what, but it seems to be about N&K and some other stuff.
  2. i know a couple of married blokes thinking "I wish..." right now
  3. So is it stupid or not stupid for a business to make money? or putting it another way: is it stupid for a business to achieve more money in the cashier?
  4. idiotic...stupid...for a business to achieve more money in the cashier (sic)...right...okay then
  5. i think that's your problem - it downloads fine, no re up needed
  6. this is nothing to do with ads and blocking them besides its 2019. where do you go in the world where there is no advertising?
  7. alokin, you really help others understand what is going on. Thanks for your translation posts mate, they are much appreciated
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