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  1. 3 month vacation, doing a bit of sightseeing - doesn't seem so crazy
  2. that's a pretty bleak view of it
  3. have you been told off enough yet?
  4. it is unlikely that we will see many videos posted here
  5. I don't think that is how it is. People are reluctant to post video from paid apartments because the video watermark will identify them to RLC who will then ban them for breaching the agreement
  6. You got me. I am |Leora's account. What do you want to know?
  7. Makes sense now. 13 YOA, it all falls into place.
  8. If someone behaved like that IRL they would eat a lot of hospital food! You have to wonder how they get through the day
  9. did you sign up just to troll the forums mate? or is there a point to your "contribution"?
  10. No, Its is so because it is so. It does not cease to be so because a newbie does not understand that it is so. You might try reading rather than running your mouth on the members here before you know what you are talking about. And with the attitude you are wearing, don't expect any kind of help telling you what to read, or much else for that matter.
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