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  1. People here have a silly down on hotscopes. They justify it all sorts of ways and the popup myth is just one of them.
  2. Not sure I am reading you right I meant to say that downloading from hotscopes means that the camcaps forums would be tidier because of the reduction in re-upload requests. I am not sure if I am missing your point in the translation?
  3. On ‎3‎/‎7‎/‎2019 at 3:06 PM, Boitoske said: Instead of asking for a re-upload you can view ALL the videos on the https://hotscopes.net/ website.... you can download them as well.... this is the easy way. keeps the forums tidier, too
  4. this is a bit shouty and, I think, wrong Edit: I see you are shouting this on other apt forums. You are being corrected everywhere. Do you need to clear your cache or something? Might want to check things like that first, before gobbing it :o)
  5. well in Mark. I never understand the reaon for these "I hate fake..I hate tats" posts. Are we all supposed to believe that the poster has nothing to do all day but sit and make endless selections from a parade of beauties arrayed for his enjoyment? Nah! course not! its clear to see they have no choice in these matters whatsoever!
  6. Nah, the site is just fine. There are pop ups and stuff,but they won't do any harm unless you help them
  7. there is no need to start banning things most things are posted to MAB and zippyshare at the same time if you can't use zippy, use MAB. no need to ban anything, just stop using it
  8. Same thinking should apply to Pornlink's site
  9. hotscopes will see you right for most things, and his videos stay up. There are others that post here, but MAB etc delete them. Hotscopes stick around better.
  10. just smiling with you mate as your post here arrived she got up off the couch and went into the GR
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