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  1. this is a common enough translation error. happens all the time here. Surprised you haven't seen it many times before
  2. Morning Sturm. Keep fighting the fight buddy, it just wasn't clear who had started this one :o)
  3. struggling to work out who this is addressed to. It seems to have escalated quite swiftly :)
  4. redness and thrush? are you guys okay?
  5. voyeurism is from the French verb "to see" and the concept of "showing" is not part of it, and may run contrary to it.
  6. why don't you translate it for yourself?
  7. I remember him very well. One of the originals.
  8. why does it matter? - there aren't any videos in here :)
  9. isnt this getting a bit legalistic for a rule on an internet forum that has a clear purpose?
  10. 3 month vacation, doing a bit of sightseeing - doesn't seem so crazy
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