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RLC - one big problem


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Fortunately I am not a member of RLC. I saw this because while the last week has been a high point regarding sex around the apartments.

Over the last 2 days I saw Leora fuck and bate although I missed what for me would have been the best 2, the BeR fuck and the LR fuck just now.

OK I missed them, first because I don't pay which is completely fair and the second because I slept after her bate - it was exciting because it was new but did not provide great pics. I woke up minutes after the LR fuck. From the video I can almost guarantee there will never be one to match this as I can tell it was right on top of Kitchen Cam which is one of the best cams in the whole of RLC. The detail would have been amazing. However, had I been a standard or even a premium member, the result is the same. If I miss it, I miss it. Considering people pay several hundreds of pounds and then there is no way to see the highlight of the year and I am guessing because other people have jobs and lives (I have had quite a life just in case you ask and now I like watching) many paid users fin themselves in the same position. If they had their own download centre they could process the videos in a few seconds with a personal stamp and be in the same situation as they are with people who have recorded it live, dots and all.

The upshot is that with it with a lack of access to anything I don't see and the full knowledge that with my 3 favourites, The Goddess, Nelly and Masha despite watching for way too long I continue to miss the majority of good stuff even on free, I may well take a break from RLC and CC. I probably will not be gone forever but I have other stuff to do, not least sort out all the RLC stuff I have over the last 10 months. I just can't take the disappointment any more. Thanks as usual to all those who have posted stuff to me but I feel that era is over. 

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Yeah, even I, that mostly despises RLC for the way that they treat the best free advertising that they have, cannot resist the beauty of Leoras' perfectly symmetrical butt. You naysayer's have to admit, like her or not, she really does have the best body, ass and gorgeous pussy of any of them. Now or in the future. 


BB, you'll be hanging for the duration and you know it. Like they all say, it's a disease that you just can't fix no matter your age or how many time you beat your pud to it all.

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