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Getting RLC etc on Android devices

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8 hours ago, curious said:

Puffin on android  lately says:

"it appears you are trying to access RLC through anonymous proxy tool. please log in as a member or disable any anonymizers and try again"

any ideas?



Anonymous Proxy Tool is also known as using a VPN to mask your Actual IP Address. They likely got the VPN Address from a Picture or Video that was Posted on Third Party Server and then they Blacklisted the IP VPN Address being used.  Just switch the Country on the VPN there are thousands of IP's through VPN that still work on RLC.  They can't get them all.

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2 hours ago, Robwin said:

I find it amazing that RLC are still using Flash as in another year its gonna be extinct. Even VH doesn't use it but uses what everyone will have to use soon and that is HTLM5

Adobe Flash Player will be History sometime in 2019. Once the HTML5 Player is fully implemented across all Platforms.

Next thing they can rid of is Java it's past it's due date for an exit.

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