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My plan for Barcelona (RLC2)

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Posted this on B2 but maybe it deserves more discussion. It won't happen though unless I was running things.

I think maybe RLC (or the agency) are realising their mistake of not putting like minded girls together. I think we now have 5 types so there should be 5 apartments.

B1: For girls to sit around and be pretty like Kami and Kristy the first time around - maybe the occasional massage.

B2: For girls to give fake lesbian shows which stop short of real action but have some masturbation like Irma and Ilona

B3: For girls to drink Happy Juice and have parties perhaps with an occasional bloke like Lola, Anna and Belle

B4: For girls willing to bring blokes back for extended fucks like Kami and Kristy now do.

B5: For cam girls like Michelle and Jessica who let us watch their shows and are always sexy in front of the camera.

If they stuck to those rules than you have an epic separate RLC site. To my mind only B4 seems to fit in with the way the rest of RLC is.

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But then B1 would probably have had Megan in, and we wouldn't have had That Night. I'm sure it's impossible to know what 90% of the girls are going to be like first time around. OK with Irma, Ilona, Lola, Stella and Belle you know what you're going to get, but other girls look extremely promising and turn out to be disappointments (Candy) and others start off boring and turn into stars (Polya)

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Thanks for the description,
I personally stay with B2 and B3 ...
It really has been the most I have enjoyed in the house (and really when there was more speculation in the house)
But I understand that there are many people who want to see more girls fucking ... surely those that already are will seem few ...

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